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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

shyfoxling 2010.05.07 - 01:42AM 28: Firewhiskey Signed
Wow. That made me really, really angry. That was practically rape. She said no and leave and fuck you and go away, and what does he do? None of that. I was frowning in the bad way throughout this chapter... it's really incongruous with the others. I understand and agree with Severus's desire for control over himself and all, but "You will not tell me to leave, I will take what I want when I want"? that's abuse, that is, and I have a hard time believing that of him. Way beyond his usual petty meanness.

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 05:05PM 24: Cordial Spirits Signed
Snape recovered quickly, and unfurled a slow, knowing smile. “Does this mean that I am no longer on probation?” -- LOL! “There’s a thousand galleon fine if I’m not mistaken,” Gash said, smiling amiably. Suddenly a leather check register appeared at his elbow, and a gold pen alongside it. “To whom shall I make out the check?” he added. -- Yay, let's everyone prod at Umbridge now. ;)

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 04:56PM 23: Bloody Mary Signed
lol, the Black Barrister. Awesome.

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 04:41PM 21: Bathwater Signed
Oh my. *trembles* That was an in credibly hot chapter. And that letter -- ha! Someone capable of that sort of sarcastic gambit is just what Severus needs.

shyfoxling 2010.05.04 - 01:18AM 17: Second Flush Signed
Mmmm, how very yummy...

Sylvia Linslade 2010.04.29 - 01:40AM 14: The Waters of Lethe Signed
"What united Slytherin was that within the chest of each one of them, male or female, old or young, beat the heart of a predator." --*shivers* And the kiss at the end, wow... way to go on making that potent.

Sylvia Linslade 2010.04.29 - 01:22AM 12: Mandrake's Obsidian Signed
"What Snape wanted right at that moment was to warm Jane’s nipples with his tongue. Was that hate? He didn’t think so." -- *DED*

Sylvia Linslade 2010.04.29 - 01:06AM 11: Bitters Signed
"No doubt even the most dedicated of civil servants would have preferred Cruciatus than be forced to endure a meeting of Lucius Malfoy’s Strategic Planning Committee." -- lol, indeed!

Sylvia Linslade 2010.04.28 - 09:04PM 6: The Macallan Signed
"noisome spew of diarrheic werewolf shit" has just made my day.

Sylvia Linslade 2010.04.21 - 12:20AM 1: Prologue Signed
lol @ the last line of this chapter. Very clever and Snapely :)

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