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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

linda0506 2008.03.17 - 07:35PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Yes, I was hoping they would have a good f--k! But Severus was on form, wasn't he? Amused me no end!

Trickie Woo 2008.03.16 - 09:35PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
You've made my day and and topped off my early birthday celebration (it's not until Thursday) with and even bigger surprise than the gift my husband got for me that he actually wrapped himself. That was even more impressive than the gift because I've never know him to wrap a gift before, I didn't think he knew how to do it but the package looked as nice as I can do myself. BTW it was the complete Jeeves & Wooster set on 8 DVD's, I love P.G. Wodehouse. Anyway, I was expecting the wedding night in their chambers but this surprise was even better. Poor Snape, how frustrating and provoking can it get? His speech to the students is just as good as his "bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death" speech. Hagrid's advice on how to handle his wedding night was wonderful, I guess he never got it on Madame Maxime so he really didn't know any better. Ron's knowledge of poetry never ceases to amaze me; and i love Snape's method of getting rid of the students. Like all your other reviewers, I hope this isn't the end because I could read about Severus and Jane for years to come. You write smut so very well, so I'm hoping for a chapter with the PWP version of what happens when they finally do get to celebrate their wedding night together, just the two of them.

Deeble 2008.03.16 - 08:39PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
I should have read this chapter when I was alone, because my husband kept asking, "What? What's so funny?" Everything came together hilariously. It feels like the ending, but I hope it's not -- the story ~is~ still marked not finished ...

Ellyn 2008.03.16 - 08:23PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Thank you for a wonderful chapter. You'e quite right that we have enough to go on to imagine their wedding night. And sometimes less is definitely more.

darka 2008.03.16 - 07:06PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
ok that was equally fantastic, you're absolutely wonderful, I could not stop laughing...but I still want the wedding night, lol

ard 2008.03.16 - 06:55PM 48: Butterbeer Signed
Oh my God!!!!!!!! I'm still laughing. I'll have to read this one again (once I wipe the tears out of my eyes) Great job.

hermione278 2008.03.09 - 04:26PM 47: Felix Felicis Signed
I think this story is brilliant and very original. Just a quick thing...in knitting, you purl, not pearl. =]

Author's Response: Ha! And I should know better! I'm a knitter! But my mother's name is Pearl, so perhaps I can be forgiven...

MW Waters 2008.03.08 - 10:36PM 47: Felix Felicis Signed
Thanks for a very cleverly done, great story!

wieden1 2008.03.08 - 06:38AM 47: Felix Felicis Signed
thank you very much for your exceptional story - i liked it from the beginning and are at the moment addicted to it. since i can now read fanfic on my mobilephone, chapters from your fic are my first choice when i am reading in the underground on my way to work- because i like your wording and your story makes me always laugh and smile! i hope you will gift us with still more chapters (beside the very happy last chapter) - greetings from an austrian fan who finds that you should go into professional writing because of your great talent

darkmark111 2008.03.07 - 11:53PM 47: Felix Felicis Signed
This story makes my heart gush. Honestly, I'm charmed. Please update soon.

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