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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Iva1201 2006.07.12 - 05:41AM 6: The Macallan Signed
Well, I don't read humour fics normally as they are sometimes rather stupid. But this is great - and not only because of the humour part. Any chance of seeing one of Harry's potion lessons WITHOUT the help of Half-Blood Prince?????? I would love to know if he learnt anything!!!!! (-: And with that marriage part - that is just a joke???? Or more???? I don't fancy romancies but this could be cool. However it's not necessary - I will enjoy your fic like it was until now as well. (-:

MithLuin 2006.07.10 - 10:04PM 6: The Macallan Signed
One question - why is Lupin spending his money on expensive Scotch and chocolate ... for Snape? When he already has a lover? *Am confused*

seachange 2006.07.10 - 03:41PM 6: The Macallan Signed
This is rather refreshingly different. I like it. Snape is mostly IC. The humour is great. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

greenwood 2006.07.10 - 12:01PM 6: The Macallan Anonymous
Ooooo what a great chapter! Death Eaters finding him a wife! This sounds like the beginning of a interesting venture ..HA! I can't wait to see where this all goes! Your images were wonderful and the dialog was so funny. Keep it coming!

Deeble 2006.07.09 - 06:38AM 6: The Macallan Signed
I like this developing friendship between Snape and Lupin. They're very funny together.

Greyfalcon 2006.07.08 - 10:49PM 6: The Macallan Signed
good story. A nice mix of humour and seriousness that I like very much.

kodiak1 2006.07.03 - 03:25PM 5: Silver Needle White Signed
A fabolous update! I can't wait to read more!

greenwood 2006.07.03 - 01:25AM 5: Silver Needle White Anonymous
Wonderful chapter full of sure shots and truth! Snape is great in this chpater and really lets Lupin have it (for his own good too). I look forward to the next update!

zella 2006.06.28 - 08:53PM 4: Earl Grey Anonymous
Good portrayal of his hatred of teaching and despair at students feeble efforts. Sad but very funny - poor Severus. Lupin should have offered him Assam or Ceylon tea, he might have had a better response than with milky Earl grey...

zella 2006.06.28 - 08:38PM 3: Black Lemonade Anonymous
Very good dialogue, bitter and yet funny. Nice exploration of Snape's feelings towards Albus as their eyes meet, all the resentment mixed up with affection. Especially liked the line about Snape wishing Albus was alive, just so that he could kill him again! Oh - and Voldemints...

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