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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

moon_muse 2008.02.07 - 01:53AM 38: Cosmopolitan Signed
I've been very bad about reviewing but I wanted to drop a line to say this is a fantastic story..I really loved mom's appearance in this chapter. I really can't wait to see what he does about that contract offer in the end :) Keep up the great work!

ard 2008.02.05 - 01:14PM 38: Cosmopolitan Signed
Love the mom! Have a feelilng she will play an important part in this story. Please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alicebs 2008.02.05 - 03:14AM 38: Cosmopolitan Signed
Lovely interaction between Jane and her mother! I could fully sympathise, somehow. And very good exposition of Snape's motives and Slytherin constraints. You've really made it very difficult for him to get rid of his engagement with Princilla. It is very good writing, as a reader I really cannot know where you will be taking the story, although of course I am rooting for Jane! Thanks for the frequent updates, too.

Trickie Woo 2008.02.04 - 10:55PM 38: Cosmopolitan Signed
Wow, her mother is really something! She obviously loves her daughter very much and wants to protect her from harm, but she's almost as Machiavellian about that as Dumbledore was about everything. Her daughter must be the most important thing in the world to her. She protected her in the only way she knew how, so therefore the end justified the means. She's a fascinating and formidable character, so is Jane in her own way. Severus doesn't stand a chance against them.

linda0506 2008.02.04 - 08:46PM 38: Cosmopolitan Signed
Once again wonderful!

darkmark111 2008.02.03 - 03:32PM 37: Sea Breeze Signed
A very satisfying chapter. I eagerly await the next one.

MW Waters 2008.01.29 - 09:32PM 37: Sea Breeze Signed
This is a very enjoyable, well-told tale. Just love your OFC, very believable and likable. Poor Snape doesn't know what's hit him (snigger).

testingt 2008.01.29 - 01:52AM 37: Sea Breeze Signed
Well, he keeps trying. Consistency is supposed to be a virtue, I hear. You do write well.

Trickie Woo 2008.01.28 - 06:26PM 37: Sea Breeze Signed
He knows now how far gone he is, now it's just a matter of how long he will hold out before he finally gives in to what he feels and tells her he loves her.

linda0506 2008.01.28 - 04:47PM 37: Sea Breeze Signed
Lovely writing. I always look out for your next instalment. Can we have some more soon please.

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