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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

TRE 2006.09.07 - 09:06PM 11: Bitters Signed
Madame Lestrange *obligatory giggle* I guess the Ministry is very good at giving slaps on the wrist.
Yes. I can see Snape enjoying the privileges of wealth and relaxation.

Deeble 2006.09.07 - 08:10PM 11: Bitters Signed
I laughed out loud at "He did however consider himself quite capable of enjoying a lavish lifestyle and a higher social position." Ah, don't we all.

Hypnobarb 2006.09.02 - 11:23PM 10: More of the Macallan Signed
This is an absolutely delightful story. Severus is terribly human, Albus has become Hogwart's newest Professorial ghost - a brilliant idea, and there's a funny Squib with the hots (mutual as it is) for Severus. Clever, fun, and nicely written. You have a dab hand at dialogue. Thanks for all the work you've put into this story!

Kodiak 2006.08.29 - 02:34PM 10: More of the Macallan Anonymous
This is hilarious! The tension between Snape and Flintrammel is fabulous, an I'd love the antagonism with Lupin. You might want to fix this one sentence though... "Doesn’t any of that doesn’t appeal to you?”

TRE 2006.08.26 - 09:58PM 10: More of the Macallan Signed
...when suddenly the werewolf’s nostrils flared, and he looked away, a slight blush creeping across his face. OMG! I knew this was going to happen! I adore it when authors use Lupin's sensitive nose against the characters!

greenwood 2006.08.26 - 08:23PM 10: More of the Macallan Anonymous
Great chapter with a really good mystery ending (I love those). Well, it would seem that Severus is a bit frustrated! Ha! Can't wait for the next chapter to find out if he gets into further trouble.

Deeble 2006.08.26 - 06:41PM 10: More of the Macallan Signed
The attempts at Death Eater arranged marriages have begun! I'm continuing to enjoy this story and your Snape.

Kodiak 2006.08.24 - 11:19AM 9: Scottish Breakfast Anonymous
You are so wicked! I love reading this.

Deeble 2006.08.17 - 08:07PM 9: Scottish Breakfast Signed
Yes, this is probably exactly how Snape would react. And probably exactly the amount of experience he's had. I liked how you turned fanon convention on its ear with Snape noticing her long, deft fingers instead of the other way 'round.

greenwood 2006.08.17 - 12:14PM 9: Scottish Breakfast Anonymous
Another wonderful chapter. Snapes observations of Jane are wonderful and so fun to read. His restraint is so "him". His mental comments about punching Lupin were really quite funny as well (the image alone was priceless). Keep it coming - it's great.

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