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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

trixee 2008.06.16 - 10:38PM 51: Epilogue Signed
I've loved this story since the begining and I loved the ending... I can't wait to see the one-shots you will produce. Just a side-note: the sentence "Muggle and non-Muggle, had rendered the birthing process safe, and with the correct medication, even virtually painless" VIRTUALLY PAINLESS! are you kidding me!?

Author's Response: Ha! I even laughed when I wrote it. That's what they told me before I had my daughter. It's what some people want you to believe. And Severus wants to believe it, so he does.

linda0506 2008.06.16 - 09:41PM 51: Epilogue Signed
I was utterly charmed. So sorry to see this story end, but glad to see Severus became a daddy.

jollygood 2008.06.06 - 02:25AM 50: Rum Signed
Wonderful story. Just wonderful.

Emmiebyrd 2008.06.03 - 07:56PM 50: Rum Signed
I have so loved this story, I don't want an end either. I'm glad Hermione ended up with Fred, it's very fitting. I still don't get Harry and Luna though, oh well. I'm glad everyone got off so well. Looking forward, albeit sadly, to the epilogue.

moon_muse 2008.06.02 - 10:23PM 50: Rum Signed
that made me sniffly! Still a fantastic tale....great job as always.

Deeble 2008.06.02 - 07:52PM 50: Rum Signed
Thank you for summing up what happened to everyone -- you did such a good job with all the characters that it's not only Snape and Jane we'd wonder about. I especially enjoyed Hermione's tale. But alas! Only one more chapter!

Ellyn 2008.06.02 - 05:55PM 50: Rum Signed
Thank you for the new chapter. I'm so glad to see that Severus is content, but I'm a little disappointed that you didn't stick it Lucius more directly. Nice wrap-up.

linda0506 2008.06.02 - 05:50PM 50: Rum Signed
You are an absolutely wonderful, entertaining writer. I look forward to the last chapter, and will be sad indeed to see this story end. But I shall be keeping a keen eye out for more of your stories.

Trickie Woo 2008.06.02 - 05:08PM 50: Rum Signed
I'm pleased to see that Severus had the approval of his mother-in-law and the friendship of Roland Gash and I'm happy that Gash and Eva got married, I really liked both of them. I'm pleased that Draco turned out so well in spite of his father, or maybe it was to spite his father; either way it was a good thing. I'm happy that the know-it-all ended up with Fred. He could roll with her moods and her bossiness. I could never understand the awful SS/HG pairing anyway; the way JKR has written her, Snape would strangle her to death within ten minutes of starting a relationship with her. I hope that the changes he brought about in the attitude of Slytherin House also took place in the other houses and their attitudes towards Slythering and about themselves. Snape and Jane are perfect for each other and I'm looking forward to the epilogue to find out all the details of their 'happily ever after', but I really hate to see this story end. I will miss all the characters, but I will miss Jane in particular. Long live the Snape/OFC pairing!

ard 2008.06.02 - 03:54PM 50: Rum Signed
I cannot tell you how much enjoyment i have recieved from this story. I hate to see it end. I hope to see more stories in the future with our favorite couple!!!! It has been a wonderful ride thank you so much for letting us into your world.

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