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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

linda0506 2007.12.30 - 04:35PM 35: Pumpkin Juice Signed
Love how the story is developing!

Deeble 2007.12.30 - 03:40PM 35: Pumpkin Juice Signed
That was both hilarious and touching.

testingt 2007.12.30 - 02:06PM 35: Pumpkin Juice Signed
Oh, could I ever see Ron doing this! You certainly got in some great lines. I haven't completed my research? I'm planning to kill myself, so I won't. And the image of James reciting the American Constitution.... Very nice last sentence, too. Thank you for a fine morning's entertainment.

testingt 2007.12.09 - 11:32PM 34: Kirsch Signed
Oh, thank you for updating. Yes, I at least was ready for more PWP... the scheming he's doing the rest of the time makes me want to slap him. Keep up the good work!

Trickie Woo 2007.12.08 - 04:26AM 34: Kirsch Signed
Oh, that was great fun and it really turned me on. Now I think I'll go up to bed, sneak a Viagra into his mouth (he's asleep now) and tease the heck out of him until it takes effect. BTW I'm going to keep the picture of Severus's early morning phenomenom in my mind for future reference.

Deeble 2007.12.07 - 08:03PM 34: Kirsch Signed
He calls her "Jane" an awful lot now, doesn't he?

I laughed out loud at “you’re raveling again as I speak.”

linda0506 2007.12.07 - 06:10PM 34: Kirsch Signed
Lovely.Do carry on!

trixee 2007.12.02 - 07:51PM 33: Vespers Signed
More Please!!! I love the fact you've thrown Draco in the mix but I wish Severus would get his s*** together and tell Jane shee's his... I'm a big Snape fangirl but at this point I'd rather be shagging Draco.

hedge2staxy 2007.11.30 - 10:13AM 33: Vespers Signed
Great chapter. Very intense.

Trixee 2007.11.29 - 10:28PM 14: The Waters of Lethe Anonymous
Ok.. I must admit by the end of the chapter my face was glued to my computer screen... Good job on him coming on all scary and intimidating (his safe zone I guess) and then running scared the minute his emotions get in the way...

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