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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Deeble 2008.02.26 - 07:37PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
If Lupin has any sense, he's already far, far away from Hogwarts.

Ellyn 2008.02.26 - 02:58PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
Wonderful chapter. I love Remus for so cleverly setting up Jane and Severus. And good for Severus for not backing away once he realized he had been set up. Watching closely for the next chapter . . . .

grumpirah 2008.02.26 - 01:00PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
Awesome chapt. I love it how he came so undone then so demanding. And I love even more how she handles him.

ard 2008.02.26 - 09:23AM 45: Pepper Up Signed

Trickie Woo 2008.02.25 - 10:11PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
Well I was right about Lupin, he was plotting. I still think that he will find Lupin, Eva, and Gash together when he gets to Hogsmeade sitting in the Three Broomsticks toasting each other over the success of their plot. But what I really want is to witness their wedding. I wonder who will be best man, Gash or Lupin?

linda0506 2008.02.25 - 09:40PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
What a twist to the tale! Loved it, as usual.

Ali1124 2008.02.25 - 08:56PM 45: Pepper Up Signed
Poor, poor Mooney... you don't piss off the potions master. I'm very VERY relieved Jane isn't snuffing it! Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending with a glimpse at Draco and company!

fawkes_07 2008.02.25 - 02:48PM 20: Amortentia Signed
"And Severus Snape never admitted he was wrong. Most especially when he was wrong. " Best. Line. EVAH.

Ellyn 2008.02.24 - 07:35PM 44: Aqua Vitae Signed
Actually, it occurs to me that the best wedding gift for Gash to give Severus and Jane would be the land that Gash leases to the Malfoys. That way, Severus and Jane would be Lucius's landlords. It would also be a good way for Gash to see how Draco would react. And it would be a way for Gash to show his affection and respect for Eva. Win, win, win.

Ellyn 2008.02.24 - 02:51PM 44: Aqua Vitae Signed
At last. I hope he asks Remus to stand up for him at the wedding. And I hope Gash gives them a nice big house with a house elf for a wedding gift. And I hope the Death Eaters get theirs.

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