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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

tigroon 2008.06.23 - 04:28PM 51: Epilogue Signed

Mimmom 2008.06.21 - 11:19PM 1: Prologue Signed
I definitely need this kind of story. Hey, Snape is fictional and JK Rowling is the only one who can make money off of him. Seems she benefits from his misfortune. But now that some fans have developed a fondness for the grumpy bugger well, we can pretty much do what we want with him so long as it doesn't involve making money. I knew it couldn't end well for him in the books as much as I desired that. So I content myself with fanfics and my own imagination. I love reading all the attempts to give Severus something a bit happier.

wieden1 2008.06.19 - 12:17PM 51: Epilogue Signed
thank you for the wonderful journey! i am sorry that it is ending. but so it is. i love the idea of the scowling babies! i hope there is more of your wonderful characters....

aramintasnape 2008.06.18 - 03:42AM 51: Epilogue Signed
I only started reading this story two days ago and I have already devoured all the chapters! I really enjoyed it and was very glad to see they got a happy ending with their two daughters.

alicebs 2008.06.18 - 03:28AM 51: Epilogue Signed
Amazing! You ended the story really very well, Snape's reaction to Flinntrammel's pregnancy and to his daughters was completely in-character. Also how he has a positive impact on everybody around him without ever being aware of it! Your epilogue was extremely satisfying, and I am very glad that you still feel inclined to give us from time to time some snippets of the future life of your characters. Thanks for this story which is now one of my favourites. I just have now to set down to work to copy and save all the chapters in a single file on my hard disk.

Emmiebyrd 2008.06.17 - 08:35PM 51: Epilogue Signed
I too am sorry to see an end. This has been such a great story it's prompted me to read other OFC/Severus fics. I'm recommending this to friends (especially now that you're done I have a friend who will read it, she only reads completed fics). Look forward to the next story you write.

Ellyn 2008.06.17 - 10:19AM 51: Epilogue Signed
Thank you for a wonderful story! I also am looking forward to the occasional snapshot of the characters and their doings. So did Severus father two little scheming Slytherins? It would serve him right for being a git during the pregnancy.

ard 2008.06.17 - 09:44AM 51: Epilogue Signed
Thank you so much for this story,it is my favorite by far! Cannot wait for future stories and how much trouble these two little bundles of joy will cause. Will Severus reap his raising so to speak?

June W 2008.06.17 - 03:35AM 51: Epilogue Signed
ahh, twins! of course they'll be daddy's girls, and will grow up making potions before they learn how to cook food. thank you for this lovely epilogue, for writing and finishing the story, and for giving Severus the happy ending he deserves. brava!!

Trickie Woo 2008.06.16 - 10:49PM 51: Epilogue Signed
I think Severus is going to have a hectic life for the next 17 years. I'm really looking forward to the chronicles of Severus and and their girls that you promise, it will help keep me from missing this story so much. I will miss it, it has become my all time favorite fan fic. I'd like to suggest names for the girls. How about Severina Eva and Severna Eileen? Of course there's always Remuna and Albinia, but I really hate those two names

Author's Response: Actually their names are Eva Pellarin Snape and Eileen Prince Snape. I'm probably going to do a little vignette for their christenings--there's a wizard naming ceremony I have in mind.

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