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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

Deeble 2007.08.19 - 07:54AM 27: Her Mother's Brandy Signed
The dance was very amusing -- and interesting, how Jane notices Princella.

Carrot top 2007.08.19 - 07:05AM 27: Her Mother's Brandy Signed
Oooh, I wonder where he's going?

Trickie Woo 2007.08.13 - 04:49AM 26: Clos de Mesnil Signed
Jane may use sex to manipulate him into having more sex, but Princilla protitutes herself with her use of sex. She uses it for the reward that comes afterwards. It's got to be a lot more fun bedding a warm soft and cuddly person like Jane, than a cold, clinical professional like Princilla. Any female who uses sex to get what she wants, rather than wanting it because she enjoys it has got to be a cold and clinical partner, no matter how good her technique is. Lupin was absolutely right when he explained that to Severus. I want Jane back in the story with him having hot and satisfying sex together, you write it so well so please don't make me wait much longer.

Ellyn 2007.08.12 - 10:57PM 26: Clos de Mesnil Signed
Thanks again for a new chapter. What happened to the Yule Ball? Did it already happen? I was expecting Jane to be there looking bewitching while Severus went to pieces.

Deeble 2007.08.12 - 07:55PM 26: Clos de Mesnil Signed
“Perhaps, but if I guess correctly she uses sex to manipulate you into having more sex.” ~snort~ I'm beginning to think Snape deserves to be miserable, if he's so set on it.

masami 2007.08.06 - 09:26AM 25: Veritaserum Signed
So glad you are continuing this story. It's good to see Severus alive and surly... Loved the Lupin in this chapter, very funny.

greenwood 2007.08.05 - 01:06AM 25: Veritaserum Anonymous
Humm...what do they say about Pride? Oh yeah, it goeth before the fall! Great chapter!

Trickie Woo 2007.08.02 - 04:49AM 25: Veritaserum Signed
So is a house in Cumbria with 7 bedrooms and 2 house elves better than having a delightfully passionate woman with a high libido with whom you are oh, so very sexually compatible? I'd go for the sex any day. If he married her and they lived in Hogwarts Castle they would have a hundred bedrooms or more and an army of house elves to take care of their every need. I'd have no problem making that choice.

hedge2staxy 2007.07.31 - 11:52PM 25: Veritaserum Signed
Thanks for the fic so far...just catching up. I can't believe you don't have more reviewers than this! It's very well-written and amusing. I'll have to go back and review some of the other chapters. :)

darkmark111 2007.07.31 - 10:23PM 25: Veritaserum Signed
this is absolutely fantastic! that conversation between lupin and jane was utterly hilarious. I love this fic so much; please update soon!

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