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Reviews for A More Merciful Man

longroot 2007.06.07 - 05:42PM 3: Black Lemonade Signed
Original. I especially love the Voldymints and Albus as a ghost.

KarenDetroit 2007.06.07 - 07:18AM 20: Amortentia Signed
A most amusing chapter. YOur Snape is a bit farther gone than I imagine him to be, but he's growing on me.

Trickie Woo 2007.06.06 - 10:08PM 22: Gall Signed
I was hoping that it would be Jane's name on the contract as the consort. I don't remember if you mentioned Princilla Gash earlier in the story or not, since you mentioned that she has a grievance against Jane I figure you must have written about in an earlier chapter. Could you let me know what earlier chapter she's mentioned in so I can go back and read it to keep the continuity of the plot straight in my head? Is that contract binding and mandatory, or can he send it back unsigned and with his written refusal? If he eloped with Jane, would that make the marriage contract null and void? Update soon, I want to know how he wiggles out of the contract and I want to read more with him and Jane together. Jane is really the perfect woman for him.

Author's Response: Chapter 7: "A Calming Draught" details the grievance against Jane and its results.

greenwood 2007.05.16 - 06:36PM 21: Bathwater Signed
Gads what a stubborn git Severus can be! Really great chapter. I loved how Jane reduced Severus to puddy in her hands (*snort*)

Trickie Woo 2007.05.16 - 06:18AM 21: Bathwater Signed
Godohgod, this was excruciatingly funny, hot, and almost as frustrating for me as for Severus. The lady has learned very quickly how to please, frustrate, and manipulate him all at the same time. Even the non sexual part was side splittingly funny. By that I mean his fight with the bird and how he outwitted it by precisely timing his ducking so the bird missed him and got shut out of the bathroom. I do hope he really didn't use the Floo to go back to his rooms. I hope he stayed with Jane and reciprocated her efforts to please him.

Deeble 2007.05.15 - 07:33PM 21: Bathwater Signed
Oh, I really like her. Flinty indeed.

islandgirl 2007.05.08 - 10:52PM 20: Amortentia Signed
more? please?

NoxSomnium 2007.04.29 - 12:23AM 20: Amortentia Signed
Awww. I must admit, my brother would be so pleased if I could actually convince him to read fan fic. He still says Harry should end up with Luna, although Harry doesn't deserve her. He said it would never happen in the books but he was still pleased when she went to the slug club party with him. Luna entertains me.

Trickie Woo 2007.04.28 - 05:40AM 20: Amortentia Signed
This was your funniest chapter yet. I forgot all about Jane's letter, just as Severus did, while he was playing his head game with Harry and Luna. I love that it backfired on him in such a benevolent way and he indavertantly, or more probably unwillingly, became the matchmaker for them. The funniest part was that he was actually enjoying himself before he realized that he had done something nice for them. I doubt if he would have even tried that mind game if it had been a different girl, but he has a soft spot for Luna even though he won't admit it, even to himself. Please hurry with your next update, I want to know what Jane said in her letter.

ahsun92 2007.04.27 - 04:17PM 20: Amortentia Anonymous
"oh for the love of Christ" form that point it was hysterical laughter. Excellent work here.

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