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A Fish May Marry a Bird by LookFar [Reviews - 2]
When Firenze comes to live in the castle, Snape is disgusted. Animals teaching at Hogwarts! Hagrid was bad enough. But when they must work together, he finds the centaur more civilized than he expected.

SS/Canon > Slash
Genres: Humor, General, Drama
Warnings: Slash
Characters: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Voldemort/Tom Riddle, Other Canon Character (male)
Rating: L Chapters: 1
Published: 2008.05.16 Updated: 2008.05.21
Word Count: 9062 Completed: No

A Fistful of Galleons by Scaranda [Reviews - 3]
One shot bit of fluff about four cowboys riding into a sleepy town to play cards.

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Slash
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Original Character, Remus Lupin
Rating: W Chapters: 1
Published: 2008.12.09 Updated: 2008.12.09
Word Count: 6691 Completed: No

A Fool's Choices by Morphea [Reviews - 17]
Snape hated his life. Not only had he been denied the DADA position for the 16th time in a row he certainly had broken records in that regard but he was risking his very life spying for the Order without a single hint of recognition from his peers. The Wizarding world was such a bunch of ungrateful illiterates...

Genres: Humor, Angst, Action/Adventure
Warnings: Torture
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Original Character, Remus Lupin
Rating: B Chapters: 4
Published: 2005.03.16 Updated: 2005.04.01
Word Count: 8226 Completed: No

A Fresh Start by shadowycat [Reviews - 5]
As a relatively new teacher, Severus Snape makes the decision to change how he approaches certain tasks and people.

Genres: Drama
Warnings: none
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2005.11.20 Updated: 2005.11.20
Word Count: 2341 Completed: Yes

A Galleon and a Dream by Vaughn [Reviews - 16]
The Headmaster has decided that Snape needs improve his standing in the Wizarding world during a time when everyone has become a suspect. The problem is that no one wants to buy him for the weekend except a lonely werewolf who is trying to make amends.

SS/Canon > Slash
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Friendship
Warnings: Slash
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Rating: W Chapters: 3
Published: 2005.03.29 Updated: 2005.07.30
Word Count: 6276 Completed: Yes

A Gift of the Goddess by morgaine_dulac [Reviews - 43]
Sequel to The Way Home. Cassandra has shown him the way back home. And now she has given him the greatest gift of all. How will Severus Snape cope with fatherhood?

Genres: Fluff, Drama, Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: HBP Spoilers, DH Spoilers
Characters: Original Character, Severus Snape
Rating: B Chapters: 20
Published: 2009.01.07 Updated: 2009.04.15
Word Count: 55416 Completed: Yes

A Hallowed Eve by star_girl [Reviews - 2]
Severus Snape gets a Halloween surprise. Co-written with tambrathegreat for the Halloween Challenge on the FB Muffliato! group.

Genres: Angst, Friendship
Warnings: none
Characters: Lily Potter, Severus Snape, Eileen Prince Snape
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2010.10.21 Updated: 2010.10.21
Word Count: 1020 Completed: Yes

A Handful of Stars by Agnus Castus [Reviews - 2]
Severus attends a Halloween party at Lily's house. Co-written with Rosewood for the Halloween Challenge on the FB Muffliato! group.

Drabbles & Poetry
Genres: Friendship
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2010.10.17 Updated: 2010.10.17
Word Count: 1091 Completed: Yes

A Hogwarts Carol by jessicadamien [Reviews - 8]
Severus Snape is haunted by the fears in his life in this remake of the classic Dickens' novel, "A Christmas Carol".

Genres: General
Warnings: none
Characters: Lily Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore
Rating: C Chapters: 7
Published: 2009.11.05 Updated: 2009.11.05
Word Count: 16380 Completed: Yes

A Kind Of Magic by star_girl [Reviews - 205]
**COMPLETED** What happens when two types of magic collide? Severus Snape is about to find out...

Genres: Drama
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: L Chapters: 45
Published: 2008.07.23 Updated: 2009.01.05
Word Count: 72619 Completed: Yes

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