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Reviews for A Galleon and a Dream

leffe 2009.11.03 - 03:55PM 1: Part 1 Signed
this idea makes me feel sick with humiliation just to read about. If I were Snape in this situation I would rather leave the country, I would do anything to get out of it. truly terrible to ask for the approval of others publicly and know you are going to be refused...

malihini 2006.02.03 - 11:50PM 3: Part Three Signed
I'm looking forward to the sequel, especially to see other people's reactions to Snape actually dating! Is it a sign of the apocolypse? What will Harry's reaction be? Will anybody be jealous? I eagerly await the next installment.

Author's Response: Thank you, malihini! I'm trying to finish it up now; sorry for taking so long! Uni work is taking me away from what I really want to do ;)

Lady Whitehart 2005.12.27 - 03:01PM 3: Part Three Signed
Yes, I know this has been up for a bit. I really am that far behind on my reviews. Looking forward to the the next part "A Knut and a Kneazle." Cheers!

Author's Response: Hi Lady Whitehart! Look at how long it's taken me to respond, I think I'm father behind than you :) I appreciate your review, and your continued support!

Obadiah Slope 2005.08.23 - 10:00AM 3: Part Three Signed
Why on earth did I not know that this had been updated and completed?! I've been hoping for ages to see a new chapter posted, and all the while it was sitting almost right under my very nose. Never mind, at least I get to read the end of this story eventually. I really liked it. You managed to make it sweet and warm without making Severus a sap, which is no easy thing. I look forward to "A Knut and a Kneazle" very very much.

Author's Response: Hi, Obadiah! Thank you so much for leaving me such kind feedback; your support means more to me than I can say! Hopefully, I won't be too much longer with the sequel--it's turn into a monster and needs a bit of editing. Thank you again :)

Lady Whitehart 2005.07.31 - 11:21PM 2: Part Two Signed
Generally speaking, I don't read slash, but this has me laughing like an idiot and now my co-workers think I'm crazy! Good story!

Author's Response: Hi, LadyWhitehart! Thanks you for reading and leaving me such wonderful feedback; there's no higher praise that someone can give a slash writer then to read something they normally would not. You've made my day, and probably amused your coworkers too ;)

macabre31 2005.07.31 - 07:46AM 3: Part Three Signed
Man I hope you post the sequel soon, as I can't wait to see them dating, and all the rest.Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the engouragement, macabre! I will be posting in a few days, and I hope you like it :)

phoenix 2005.07.30 - 09:27PM 1: Part 1 Signed
I liked this. It was an interesting way of getting the two of them together. I think you kept the tension at the right level throughout. I really enjoyed the inclusion of a Weasly twins invention. LOL Those boys crack me up....I think my favorite part was the snowball fight. There's just something about a good snowball fight. ;-)...I look forward to the next segment of the story.

Author's Response: Thanks, phoenix! I must have rewritten that part at least ten times, and your kind words are more appreciated than I can say in words :)

belladonnacordial 2005.07.30 - 08:21PM 3: Part Three Signed
I love this and rec it as a favourite. Beautiful characterization, stunning bit of writing. I'm so in love, I'm going to have to search for everything you have written now.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, belladonnacordial! Your high praise has made my day, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed the characterisation and my writing!

macabre31 2005.06.16 - 04:32AM 2: Part Two Signed
*giggles manically* I KNEW IT! God, I love that line. The snowball fight was too cute. I really hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, macabre31! I'm glad you liked it ;) I'm working on the next part as we speak, and thanks again for taking the time to review!

Obadiah Slope 2005.04.16 - 09:02AM 2: Part Two Signed
Thank you for the thank you...if that makes sense...it was a pleasure, and I am continuing to love this story! It's amazing how you can engage Snape in a snowball fight and still make the story remain IC - I'm really impressed! This chapter was so sweet; I adore Severus' scathing remarks, Lupin's confusion, and, above all, the last line: "I KNEW IT!" So did we, Lupin! ;-D

Author's Response: Your continued encouragement and support means a lot to me, Obadiah Slope! I'm thrilled that you felt they were IC, as that is one of the things I try my best to do.

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