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Reviews for A Lesson in Darkness and Light

Andromache 2009.10.28 - 11:03AM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Signed
I wish Rowling had done this with Snape. I just cannot fathom that he had such a neglected childhood and still ended up with such noble virtues as a work ethic, protectiveness, and the capacity to love. I still cling to the fan idea that he was close to his mother, at least. I just ignore the little voice that says it's not canon. Bah. Good to know you're trying to make HP's magic make sense. Lack of world-building just shows through terribly in the series, so that things just don't fit together with any kind of consistency. I like how you have Snape's mother talking to him as an equal. She is wonderfully human and I see how Snape's character was shaped by her words and his future choices. She sounds like one who has been there with her warnings about Dark Arts and its temperamental nature. Off to read more of your work.

Agnus Castus 2009.08.04 - 12:37PM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Signed
“It seemed … right.” He looked for a sign of confirmation in his mother’s expression. Beautiful! I'm glad I stumbled upon this piece; lovely to read your interpretation of Light and Dark.

redvelvetcanopy 2007.06.01 - 11:25AM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Signed
The magic would eat away at you. It is terrible. The wicked deed becomes part of you.

The remarkable thing about your statement here is that it preceded HBP by a long time, yet seems to predict Tom Riddlle's downfall so perfectly. I've always wondered about the nature of Dark Magic, and I think you've explained this very well! ~RVC

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm such a geek; I'd love to read the Hogwarts students' textbooks, especially anything that deals with the Dark Arts ;-). I am lousy at speculating about storylines, but I do love to analyse what canon gives us and brew my own theory of magic... Glad you liked it! -S.

Vorona 2007.04.30 - 12:13AM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Signed
I really like your explanation, or rather Septimia's explanation of Dark and Light magic. That makes so much sense, and it applies in the real world as well. Sacrifice -- of course...

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I have always found it a bit frustrating that canon doesn't tell us a bit more about the nature of Dark Arts, so I thought it could do with some amending in a story ;-). Glad you liked it! -S.

Dolabella 2005.10.25 - 05:46PM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Anonymous
You know, reading this post-HBP the first thing that strikes me is how much you got _right_ : the modest terraced house (even if it's in London rather than Manchester); the mother who must have been the one who taught Severus all those hexes, the resemblence between them... ; and, what reads as heartbreaking foreshadowing post HBP, your analysis of the balance of magic: "Even in magic, taking something that is not yours is a crime, and you would have to bear the consequences of it" It all goes to show what an enviable grasp of Snape's character you have, I reckon. And the style is beautiful: careful and mature. I look forward to reading and reviewing the rest of your work.

Author's Response: Thank you! If there is one thing I regret about HBP, it is that it has made my ideas about Snape's background mainstream. I'll have to think up new things to make my stories interesting :-). ... And I keep hoping against hope that Snape will escape with his life in canon... -S.

zafania 2005.04.09 - 07:13AM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Anonymous
I liked your assesment of the dark arts

Author's Response: Thanks, zafania! -S.

Hemlock 2005.01.05 - 04:01AM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Anonymous
Hmm.. very interesting, indeed. I enjoyed the dialog between Severus and his mother, though I do think it could have been a little more padded. More conversation, less instruction, as it were. But then again, that is only my opinion, and constructive criticism is always open to judgement. But I do have to agree whole-heartedly with one thing, Severus is most definatly a Scorpio!! -Hemlock (hemlock013@yahoo.ca

Author's Response: Alas! Alack! In the meantime JKR Herself has made it known to the world that Snape is a Capricorn. *sighs* So that leaves the criticism only :-D... -S.

Wolf Moonshadow 2004.12.03 - 11:39PM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Signed
What an insightful explanation as to dark and white magic. In so many stories it is Snape’s father who introduces him to the dark arts, I love how you did the reverse. His mother’s obvious concern that he understands the risks and the need for balance, offset by the final sentence “the boy nodded, even if he had not quite understood everything his mother had been saying” is both very telling and poignant! I would love to read a follow-up.

Author's Response: Follow-up is to be found in "Mirror Mirror", and in another fic I'm still writing at the moment - the working title is "Purity." Thanks for reviewing! -S.

anrell 2004.12.03 - 06:47PM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Anonymous
VERY GOOD! This is such a quiet pivital moment in Severus' life. We all wonder how he came to know so much about the Dark Arts before entering Hogwarts. This piece is so convincing as to how it happened. It would side with the vision that Potter saw in the Pensive (a small boy with his mother and the Father shouting at them...) you could almost imagine that this was at some point that Severus' father found out that his mother was teaching him Dark Arts! Thank you for this view of Severus' childhood.

Author's Response: Yes, that scene in OotP, together with Sirius's statement in GoF, was the main incentive for writing this story. I'm glad you enjoyed it! -S.

snarkypants 2004.12.02 - 08:14PM 1: A Lesson in Darkness and Light Anonymous
What an absolutely lovely story. The tenderness his mother shows, and the logic with which she explains the concept of dark magic are well-thought-out and beautifully drawn. I enjoyed it very much, and will be looking for more of your work!

Author's Response: Thank you, snarkypants! I solemnly swear that more is coming soon... S.

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