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Reviews for A Handful of Stars

nagandsev 2010.10.29 - 09:23AM 1: A Handful of Stars Signed
Dear ladies, know I left a comment on Muffliatto, but, again, each time I re-read this, the childhood innocence and beautiful magic created, the marbles and constellations - could really envision Severus and Lily moment by moment sharing this together; achingly sweet!

Author's Response: Lovely to know you've read and enjoyed our story more than once, nagandsev :)

hexgirl 2010.10.18 - 02:44AM 1: A Handful of Stars Signed
This is lovely, and really refreshing to read a Severus/Lily piece that doesn't cast Lily as the big bad wolf - not that I haven't been guilty of the same, but this seems more like the Lily JKR intended. It was also lovely to see that Severus was not only capable of powerful magic at such a young age but also really beautiful magic of the not so dark variety. I enjoyed this glimpse into a more innocent and hopeful time for both of them. This was enjoyable to read for its lack of cynicism. Well done.

Author's Response: It was refreshing for us to write about such an innocent childhood friendship, before life became more complicated for the both of them. We're glad you enjoyed our little collaboration!

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