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Reviews for A Fool's Choices

auror2020 2005.08.05 - 01:49PM 4: Such a Small World Anonymous
I like it. There's gonna be more, right? Please?

kamion 2005.05.26 - 07:11AM 4: Such a Small World Anonymous
ooowwhh. some one is gonna pay very much for calling Potion just cooking within earshot of Snape. nice story sofar. personally I think Snape's applying for DADA is just some ruse JKR will reveal at proper time. The man loves Potions far to much to give that up.

Ali1124 2005.04.28 - 12:21PM 3: Teaching Potions Signed

phoenix 2005.04.01 - 10:20PM 4: Such a Small World Signed
Oh, excellent. I love that she's Remus' sister. It's great that they were talking about Severus literally behind his back. Great scene. I also love the way you have him intimidating the apothecary owner.

winna 2005.03.25 - 08:28AM 3: Teaching Potions Signed
Oh, there has just GOT to be more to Ursaglow than meets the eye. I bet he's following Snape because he thinks the Potions Master is a Death Eater spy. I rather hope Endora stands up to Snape soon. Looking forward to updates!

LariLee 2005.03.24 - 05:09PM 3: Teaching Potions Signed
two hundred and five. Not bad but still not his best. Ah, a little games that keep the Potions master sane. What a wonderful in character Snape you have here! And with a teacher whose panting over him... at least, that's how I interpret the DADA instructor's actions to be. :-)
~Lee Sung

phoenix 2005.03.24 - 04:05PM 3: Teaching Potions Signed
Excellent job characterizing Snape. He's especially testy, isn't he? I just love how he was trying to see how many points he could take from the Gryffindors in Potions, very fitting...Look forward to the next installment.

LariLee 2005.03.21 - 11:57PM 2: Staff Meeting Signed
Endora was a Ravenclaw? She seems a little Slytherin. :-) I like that.

winna 2005.03.21 - 10:01PM 2: Staff Meeting Signed
Heh. I love Snape's snark level in this story. There's obviously more to Endora than meets the eye. I do wonder if Ursaglow is as clueless as he seems, or, like Quirrel, does he have a hidden secret?

Obadiah Slope 2005.03.21 - 04:03PM 2: Staff Meeting Signed
Still hooked! :-D Enjoying Snape's dislike of the new DADA teacher...and his dislike of Endora. Tensions a-brewing...

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