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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

roni0811 2014.08.06 - 09:25PM 69: Return to Hogwarts Signed
my favorite scene, is between minevera & severus: when albus is mention concernig the ministry... overall great chapie!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I like that scene too. I've always thought that Minerva would make a fabulous headmaster of Hogwarts. She's very invested in the place and I think she admired Albus greatly. She would be the natural one to challenge Severus, since she doesn't know his true feelings and mission. Glad you enjoyed it.

roni0811 2014.03.31 - 11:45PM 1: The Unwelcome Arrival Signed
like the suspense with this woman showing at the castle! onward to more

Author's Response: Always happy to hear from a new reader. Thanks for your comment.

NJ Dryad 2013.10.21 - 08:54PM 69: Return to Hogwarts Signed
Yay, you've updated this story! I forgot about it while I was reading other stories. I loved it when Minerva said, “Albus Dumbledore would never let the Ministry dictate our rules and traditions or anything else that happens at Hogwarts if he could help it!” Oh, that explains why he allowed blatant discrimination for and against certain houses, as well as violent, predatory bullying. It's so great that, when Voldemort is a law unto himself, that's bad, but when Scumbledore is, it's good. This series just reeks of hypocrisy.

Author's Response: Minerva is very pro-Albus and is very intent on protecting both Hogwarts and Albus' memory and legacy. I think Severus probably understands that better than Welkin does. Welkin is very protective of Severus, of course, but she's also having to learn what it feels like to not have any Hogwarts friends. Something Severus had to come to terms with as best he could years ago.Dealing with the situation is drawing them even closer together, by necessity and by choice. Thanks for your comment and for reading. :)

EzriSakota 2013.07.01 - 08:10PM 68: Falling Apart Together Signed
i honestly have to say, your story is one of the best ones ive read so far.i really love how Welkin's character has developed.i cant wait for your next update :D

Author's Response: I really appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make them.

NJ Dryad 2013.04.16 - 09:59PM 68: Falling Apart Together Signed
Wow, this is great. There's not enough going on already, and you're adding another subplot! Your imagination astounds me. I guess next Voldy will be trying to kill Severus so he can get his hands on Welkin. Where are they staying , anyway?

Author's Response: Thanks. Making up stuff and putting it all together is definitely fun. As in the books, Voldemort will definitely be after Severus. This time he'll have more than one reason. To answer your question, for this chapter I envisioned them hiding out in a dump of a room located above one of the businesses in Knockturn Alley. My feeling is that they will move around in hiding to different locations until Severus returns to Hogwarts as headmaster. You can probably imagine how uncomfortable that's going to be.

NJ Dryad 2013.03.31 - 07:55PM 67: A Death in the Family Signed
I think the reason Sully wants Daddy to come with him more than Mommy is because he intuitively knows Daddy is in greater danger. I hope we'll get some updates about Sully as the story continues.

Author's Response: I had originally intended this to be Sully's bow out chapter until the Epilogue, but I also might give a few glimpses of how he's doing without his parents. It just depends on if it will seem reasonable based on what else is happening in the story. The tone must be darker now, which I'm not necessarily looking that forward to writing. I hadn't thought about the intuitive angle with Sully. He is his mother's child too, and I suppose that might be possible that he senses something.

NJ Dryad 2013.03.31 - 07:39PM 66: Snape's Island Idyll Signed
This is another really good chapter. I like the way you showed the tenderness between Welkin and Severus and the deepening of their love for each other.

Author's Response: Thanks. Instead of taking a lot of time to develop a sexual relationship between them, I've chosen to develop the love relationship over time. They had the sex part down pat fairly early.

NJ Dryad 2013.03.31 - 07:24PM 65: Make a Wish, Severus Signed
What a cute, sweet chapter! It makes a great change from the more intense, sexy ones. I think Severus's real objection to Seffie is that he likes being the only "goat" in the Snape family.

Author's Response: I like to try my hand at writing a little bit of everything in the course of this story. Sexy, raunchy, funny, romantic, drama, horror, sweet, light, heavy - it makes it more of a challenge and it keeps me interested so that I'll actually finish it.

NJ Dryad 2013.03.31 - 06:54PM 64: Transfiguration Tango: Love Will Make a Wizard Out of You Signed
This is really good. I like the way you showed a kind of bipolar Severus, swinging from pouting, needy boy to passionate, loving man in one chapter. I don't know how Welkin has any energy for Sully, she has to work so hard to keep up with Severus.

Author's Response: Severus is very complex as a character. He can be childish and selfish, and he can be noble and unselfish. It's why we all love him, no? Sully's a Daddy's boy, so that lets Welkin get a little rest now and then. Not much, but enough. Thanks for commenting.

Trueloveskiss 2013.01.29 - 11:46AM 3: The Inevitable Tumble Signed
Not since her last Fed-Ex delivery had Welkin seen such a big package. --- hahahaha Great line!

Author's Response: Thanks... It's one of my favorite Welkin lines. Her discovery kind of gave her reason to reconsider about the Potions master. :)

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