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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

Rose of the West 2012.05.21 - 09:51AM 26: No More Secrets Signed
Aw, it's good that they're sharing things with each other.

Author's Response: Yes, it is. That's what people who love each other do. For all the humor that I've tried to imbue this story with, it's ultimately a romance.

Rose of the West 2012.05.21 - 09:41AM 25: Have Yourself a Very Weasley Christmas Signed
This party is the stuff of Patsy and Elmo songs. Well, at least the kids are back together.

Author's Response: Yep...together again...'forever and always'. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Rose of the West 2012.05.18 - 08:52AM 24: Prelude to a Party Signed
It's kind of sad that her two natural states, as Dumbledore sees them, are unreasonable and drunk. I hope she gets a chance to learn a little something from this whole scenario.

Author's Response: Dumbledore is actually quite fond of Welkin, despite her shortcomings. But yes, she does learn something very important from this scenario, which she'll never forget. And Severus learns something important as well, about the consequences of lying to her repeatedly and how it undermines her trust in him, which was pretty much absolute before this.

Rose of the West 2012.05.18 - 08:44AM 23: Hermione's Secret Signed
Yeah, she's not emotionally equipped to think something through and as a result acts like a teenaged girl in a situation like this. Growing up a little would help her out considerably.

Author's Response: Dumbledore had them both pegged early on when he called them the two most childish adults that he's ever dealt with. They both are a case of emotionally arrested development, the way I see it, it's just that Severus is stuck in teen mode in a different way than she is. That's actually one of the reasons Dumbledore selected her as a good match for Snape in the first place. He thinks they'll each help the other grow up a little.

Rose of the West 2012.05.18 - 08:39AM 22: Reunited Signed
Aha. I'm glad that one of them is capable of making sacrifices for the other. I suspect her inability to be an adult is going to hurt her in the long run.

Author's Response: In some ways, short term, it will. It results in a number of misunderstandings, but nothing terribly serious.

Rose of the West 2012.05.18 - 08:33AM 21: Welkin Gets a Comeuppance Signed
Wow. She was acting like a 12 year old, and he responded in kind.

Author's Response: Exactly. Except his response resulted in something he didn't want at all. Her ability to retain her childish enthusiasm for life is part of what he treasures about her. He'd rather put up with that than lose her, and she puts up with a lot from him as well.

Rose of the West 2012.05.08 - 03:12PM 20: The Family Plan Signed
Oh, how funny. Well, the men in her family are conspiring against her, now.

Author's Response: I had to get her grandmother's journal into Albus's hands somehow, so I figured I might as well have fun with it. Glenn sees Severus a little differently than Welkin, huh? He's just a normal, over-protective big brother though, even if he does have that magical bloodline he doesn't like to admit to. I've always thought the idea of Severus interacting with in-laws would be funny.

Rose of the West 2012.05.07 - 04:39PM 19: North Tower: Back to the Balcony Signed
The whole fantasy scene is fun, although the way it started is likely to creep a person out. Also the fact that everything was visible to the Quidditch pitch. Yikes~!

Author's Response: That's why night was falling. Welkin wouldn't have minded being seen, but Severus wouldn't be too happy about it. Of course, he was a bit occupied, so maybe he wouldn't have cared either, although Dumbledore would have read them the riot act!

yick 2012.05.03 - 07:12PM 15: The Birth: All Hallow's Eve Signed
the birth place look a little creepy?? nice story!!! i really enjoyed!!

Author's Response: Birth seems like a pretty creepy process anyway...might as well place it in a suitable location. Thanks yick!

Rose of the West 2012.05.02 - 09:10AM 18: Dinner with the Malfoys Signed
I suppose it could have been worse. That's going to be rough on Severus, given his childhood.

Author's Response: Yes. It could have been a lot worse. They made a pretty good team, but Snape was forced to do something he would never have done in a million years, particularly given his own childhood. I don't see him as an abusive type, despite his snarking. He would be determined not to let his own marriage not be like what he experienced as a child. He would be more willing to compromise in an argument I think, and certainly not be intentionally abusive. He was frankly horrified by having to do that to Welkin.

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