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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 09:29PM 17: The Summoning Signed
I love the way Moldy Shorts goads Severus. He's such a slimy jerk--rather like Albus, but with poorer social skills. I'm looking forward to this dinner party. : D

Author's Response: It's funny you should say that, because I have Welkin draw a parallel between Voldemort and Dumbledore in an upcoming chapter. It's very brief. You might miss it if you're not expecting it.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 08:12PM 16: In Dreams Signed
It's nice to see you've done your mythological research regarding the carving on the wand. Albus needs to mind his own business and keep his mouth shut. He wanted Severus "tamed," and now he making fun of him for being that way. Snape just can't win with him. Not to mention that just because he's not tearing people's heads off doesn't mean he's a wimp. There IS such a thing as a middle ground. Good for Welkin for reassuring him. Hah! I KNEW that dream was foreshadowing!

Author's Response: I've always been fascinated by mythology anyway, so the research I've done for elements of this story has been quite interesting to me. It might even have given me an idea if I choose to try writing an original novel after I finish this fanfic. Your view of Snape is quite accurate. He's a man in every way, not a wimp, and he doesn't have to be clobbering people with his magic, or terrorizing his wife into submission to prove it. At least, not to Welkin. There will be more, even more fearsome dreams to come...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 07:57PM 15: The Birth: All Hallow's Eve Signed
You clever minx! You had Sully born on Halloween so Severus would have a good memory to cancel out the bad one of Lily's death (and his being saddled with Harry). I don't understand, though, why he couldn't levitate Welkin back to the castle, or they couldn't have used cushioning charms on the sarcophagus. It's a good thing Sully won't remember his infancy, the way Welkin is talking to him at the end of the chapter. The poor kid would be traumatized for life!

Author's Response: The date was totally on purpose, for one of the reasons you cited. Sully would be born on the night the Potters died. As far as levitating her back to the castle, Severus just probably lost it a little when her water broke. He probably thought it would take to long to levitate her back. They had walked a bit of a distance from there. Welkin probably wanted to slap me too...for not using cushioning charms...:) Welkin gets a little more particular about what Sully sees and hears when he gets a little older. Sully will be her name for him, while Severus always opts for the more formal Sullivan.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 03:26PM 14: The Pregnancy: Tales From the Dark Side Signed
Good for Welkin, getting her revenge on Severus. He deserves it. Nice foreshadowing there at the end. Duh duh DUH!

Author's Response: She likes to tease him almost as much as she likes having sex with him. Thanks. That was some of my more heavy-handed foreshadowing at the end. There are little clues about different things that are scattered throughout.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 03:16PM 13: Welkin and the Great Misconception Signed
Welkin is treating Sevrus a lot better than he deserves, given his atrocious behavior. Slytherins are supposed to be sneaky, not dishonest. This really is an AU story--Dumbledore is straight! ;-)

Author's Response: Still think she's flaky?...;) She's putting up with a lot from him and not running away. She has one more instance in the story where she wavers, but after that, she's solid as a rock for him. I didn't mention it in the author's notes but I'm actually writing Dumbledore as bi-sexual...but tending more towards men in his earlier days.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 02:49PM 12: Catfight at the Quidditch Match Signed
YAY! Welkin fought for Severus--unlike that loser Lily, who never would. I'm SO glad he's finally found a woman who loves him enough to defend his honor, both literally and figuratively.

Author's Response: Yeah...and Severus was quite pleased with that public display of her affections for him, you better believe it. She becomes more and more protective of him as the story progresses. Lily talked the talked for awhile, but she didn't walk the walk, as they say. Welkin's having to deal with some of the emotional aftermath of Lily abandoning him as a friend.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 02:13PM 11: Snape's Valentine Signed
"Hormonal little gits"--pot calling the kettle black there, Snape? Considering how immature they're both acting, I hope those fertility efforts don't pay off for a loooong time. BTW, I just love St. Albus saying "fuck."

Author's Response: He is a little bit double-standard there about the kids. Uhhhh...hate to tell you but the fertility efforts, which are all his, hit the jackpot fairly early. Albus has a sense of humor in my story. I think he's mellowing a little in his dotage.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 01:38PM 10: Severus Snape Takes a Bride Signed
Somebody needs to tell Dumbledore that, as Sherlock Holmes said, "A forced marriage is not a marriage at all, but a very serious crime." It looks like they'll continue to have problems with Lucius, who probably wants Welkin mainly because he can't have her. i also think the jury has already given its verdict about Snape the Sex Maniac--guilty!

Author's Response: LOL! He had his own selfish reasons, but Albus actually did Welkin a favor by helping force her into it. Oh...Lucius stays in the picture alright. And that's exactly why. He's sort of obsessed about her now because she laughed at him and turned him down in no uncertain terms. I love writing Lucius, the sneaky snake. I see Snape the Sex Maniac in two ways...he's just naturally very sexual and somewhat kinky, and he also views sex as evidence of love. If you reject him sexually, you don't love him. Welkin never does, she actively pursues him, so he figures that means she must love him a lot.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 11:40PM 9: A Very Brief Engagement Signed
Ah HAH! It was all a plot by Dumbledore! I should have known. So Welkin is going to literally have to forsake all others for her man, when all others forsake him. Good thing she's a cookie as tough as one of Hagrid's rock cakes. I liked the way Severus "requested" the kids be wedding attendants. He'd make a good Mafia enforcer. "You have a good grade in my class. It would be a shame if anything were to *happen* to it."

Author's Response: Bingo! You got it. Dumbledore, the master manipulator, has manipulated the whole thing. And that's exactly what will be expected of her. Stand by your man...against the very Gates of Hell. Dumbledore also has noticed Severus is seeming less and less motivated to try to keep himself alive, at this point. So he brings in some new "motivation" for him in the form of Welkin. Severus is so very proper when he's putting the screws to his students. I love it.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 11:25PM 8: A Modest Proposal Signed
Go, Minerva! I'm glad to see someone looking out for Severus, since he won't do it himself, and Dumbledore doesn't care. I also think Welkin seems kind of flaky. He deserves somebody stable, whom he can rely on, not like that other redhead.

Author's Response: I've always liked Minerva, and she has Severus's interest at heart with her concerns, but she's misreading Welkin and Welkin is misreading her. I prefer to think of Welkin as eccentric, instead of flaky. But then, I'm her "mother" I would think that. Don't worry, Welkin has significant differences from that other redhead.

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