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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

NJ Dryad 2012.06.01 - 07:34PM 35: A Meeting of the Minds Signed
Well, that'll teach them both: Severus not to buy crotchless underwear for Welkin, and Welkin to keep in mind wizarding photos move. You don't fool me: That part about Welkin raising the dead is going to figure importantly in the story later.

Author's Response: The exposure really was an accident. Guess she didn't take into account how deep that side slit was when she hiked that leg up on the bar railing...:) Yes, ahem...I suppose the ability to heal massive injuries might come in handy, wouldn't it?...if something didn't prevent you from getting to the scene in time. You'll be able to see whether she retained that gift or not after all those years, in an upcoming chapter, when something tragic happens. When I first started writing this, I was going to keep Welkin as strictly a Muggle, until I realized that she wouldn't be nearly as much help to Severus unless she was a witch.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.31 - 01:04AM 34: The Diva and the Death Eaters Signed
Several points: (1) Welkin told Severus to kiss her ass. I thought he was doing that anyway. ;-) (2) No goat molesting, eh? So much for Albus's slander on his brother. (3) I think that last song would have been perfect for the DEs to hear, considering the lyrics refer to a man who cheats on his woman and beats her, but she's subservient to him anyway. That fits perfectly the false image W and S are trying to convey about their marriage.

Author's Response: Let me just respond to those points: (1) He'll be doing more than kissing it soon. ;) (2) That little goat loves her some Severus. Expect more from "Persephone" in the future. (3) You're right! I never thought of it that way! I have another reason for Welkin taking that part-time job, other than just entertainment value, by the way...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.30 - 11:56PM 33: Sins of the Mother Signed
I realized when I started to read the part with "Hortense" that she was really Hulda in disguise. What an ego she has! A man rejects her and his wife beats her up, and she wants to kill their kid over it. Azkaban is the right place for her.

Author's Response: Huldra is beautiful, but a nasty piece of work on the inside. I never quite decided if she was a Death Eater or not, but she's definitely very hung up on herself and her pureblood gorgeousness. She never seemed to take into account that both Severus and Welkin would have had more than the urge to kill her if she had killed Sully. To their credit, they show remarkable restraint, I think. She can flirt with the Dementors at Azkaban.

Merrylore8 2012.05.30 - 09:14PM 34: The Diva and the Death Eaters Signed
Sully is so adorable, and how could Welkin stay angry with Severus? Looks like Sev has an admirer - a goat - great fit for a Capricorn! Julien - wonder if he'll reappear later?

Author's Response: Both Julien and the goat make appearances again. Severus finally has an animal that likes him, and isn't trying to rip his leg off. Of course Sully is adorable...look who his Daddy is!

Merrylore8 2012.05.30 - 09:09PM 33: Sins of the Mother Signed
Poor Sully - that kid gets put through the ringer. Good thing his parents communicate so well. Loved it!

Author's Response: They bicker and tease each other a lot, but when it's required, they work together really well as a team. Sully comes from pretty good stock...he can take me putting him through a bit of drama now and again...:)

NJ Dryad 2012.05.30 - 12:22AM 32: Welkin and the Pink Piranha Signed
Gosh, Severus is skinny enough without Welkin making him lose his appetite by suggesting Umbridge has a thing for him. Now she's done it! He's so grossed out, he can't get it up. Hoist with her own petard.

Author's Response: Umbridge is disgusting, but she doesn't have that much power over his sexual responses! There is something else going on here, as you'll soon see... Poor Severus...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.30 - 12:00AM 31: Welkin at the Hog's Head Signed
Oh, goody, more foreshadowing. No doubt the "new nanny" is a DE plant who stole the diary for Voldemort. You'd think Severus would be more careful about that, or if not him, Albus. I've been meaning to thank you for this story. Since notwolf ended her wonderful epic, at least temporarily, I've been looking for a long Snapefic to keep me busy. You've supplied that.

Author's Response: The "new nanny" is definitely involved, but not in the way you think. You'll see soon. I love writing this story. Thank you for liking to read it and giving me so many good comments. I certainly didn't start out to write something this long. I just can't seem to stop myself now. LOL!

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 10:31PM 30: Heritage Signed
Oh, boy, more foreshadowing! Now Sully's in danger. This is great.

Author's Response: Poor little Sully...I'm constantly using him as a plot device in this story. I menace him numerous times. But he's such a little charmer. He just keeps smiling...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 10:23PM 29: Yule Ball Redux 1995 Signed
I love the contrast between Severus complaining because Welkin isn't proper enough, and Lucius complaining because Narcissa is too proper. They're never satisfied. My favorite part was Albus wanting to drink the champagne, though. That was great!

Author's Response: I should have let him drink it...:D

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 09:55PM 28: Snape's Enchantment Signed
Ah, Snape's revenge! He gets back at the kids for all the nauseating PDAs he's had to put up with from them through the years.

Author's Response: Poor Ron...I think he's the one getting PTSD from the mere fact that Snape is even involved in any sort of relationship that doesn't include detention or the removal of house points.

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