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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 09:33PM 27: Bloodlines Signed
And we're back to the angst. Not that I'm complaining. That makes the story interesting. Reading your response to Rose, I'm now wondering if Welkin will be getting PTSD any time soon. And will we ever find out the details of Albus's seeking out and kidnapping Welkin?

Author's Response: No PTSD for her. She's very resilient. She adapts quite quickly to things. I thought about adding in some of the details about Albus's selection process of Welkin, but I thought it wasn't really needed and wouldn't add a lot to the story. Suffice it to say he knew she had some witch ancestry, and observed her for months (Albus the stalker) to decide whether he thought they would suit one another, before he managed to plant the 'suggestion' in her mind by magical means that she really, really needed a vacation in Scotland, conveniently close to Hogwarts. Then a little Portkey action, and...voila...she's there and they pair...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 09:09PM 26: No More Secrets Signed
Ah, the ultimate Snapish compliment: "I do not think he is in danger of becoming a dunderhead." It's nice to see a chapter with nothing angsty, just sweetness.

Author's Response: I think he's becoming rather fond of the little nipper. He's always packing him around, and the kid smiles at him constantly.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 02:23AM 25: Have Yourself a Very Weasley Christmas Signed
This chapter reads like a sitcom, with all the arguing, fighting, running around, and scene changes. I've also thought the Weasley twins are like the Tarleton twins. In fact, on Death to Capslock, we had a discussion once about what a great fanfic it would make to write HP as GWTW, with Voldemort and Dumbledore as rival planation owners.

Author's Response: I have a friend who was the first one to read any of this story, who has never read HP or even seen any of the movies, and she said it was like reading GWTW, but with wizards and magic and lots of smut. We both love GWTW and decided that there was no Ashley in my story. That Welkin was Scarlett and she bypassed Ashley and went straight for Rhett (Severus). We cast the Weasley twins as the Tarleton twins, but we got stuck on Dumbledore, so we finally settled on...Aunt Pitty-Pat?....:D I like the idea of writing HP in the style of other great novels, or screwing around with them in general. I loved "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" when it came out.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.28 - 01:48AM 24: Prelude to a Party Signed
Dumbledore really is a self-centered know-it-all, isn't he? If he were all that good at running other people's lives, the Potterverse wouldn't have been nearly so messed up, and the story would have turned out very differently.

Author's Response: He's supposed to have a brilliant mind. And sometimes a brilliant mind makes it hard to empathize with other people's emotions. Very ivory tower intellectual. And yes...I think he's rather self-centered and authoritarian, but I still kind of like him...:) I prefer his brother Aberforth, actually...goats and all...:)

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 11:39PM 23: Hermione's Secret Signed
I love the way you satirize the rationalizations SS/HG fans make for that pairing by having them be Hermione's thoughts. I've read some very good stories in that 'ship, but I still don't think it would be a good match.

Author's Response: I could see Hermione rationalizing a relationship like that. I have to admit that I had read next to no HP fanfiction when I wrote my story, up to now, but I was aware that it was out there and always was totally opposed to the pairing. I never thought that her qualities matched what Snape needed most from a woman, which in my opinion, is not intellect and rationality. Now that I've finally read a little, I think the good ones change Hermione so that she's almost unrecognizable as the same character, and that's how they work.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 11:24PM 22: Reunited Signed
Good, I'm glad they made up so quickly. Maybe for their next duet, they could sing, "The Closer I Get to You."

Author's Response: She can get him to do things he would never do otherwise in a million years. I don't see her as particularly manipulative though...maybe a bit, but she doesn't overdo it. I'm going to have to Youtube "The Closer I Get to You" now. I've forgotten most of the lyrics...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 11:13PM 21: Welkin Gets a Comeuppance Signed
Uh oh. I think that chapter should have been called, "Welkin and Severus Get a Comuppance." They both behaved badly, and they're both paying for it.

Author's Response: She kind of deserved it, but then, who really deserves that sort of treatment? He starts to realize his mistake right away.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 10:59PM 20: The Family Plan Signed
Post partum hormones are acting up, I see. Thanks for having Welkin's brother visit. I was wondering when we'd learn more about her background, although I'm still surprised nobody came looking for her when she disappeared for so long. I knew that mysterious, handsome visitor just had to be someone completely innocuous.

Author's Response: Welkin's a little insecure about her role as mother. I was surprised when I was writing it about how supportive Snape was to her. Welkin's family background is key to a lot of her rebellious traits. As Glenn said, Welkin's not good at keeping in touch, so people she knows don't think it's odd when she drops out of sight for periods of time. That handsome stranger better have been innocuous. Snape was ready to hex him, or worse, if he wasn't.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 10:41PM 19: North Tower: Back to the Balcony Signed
I knew Hogwarts must have some kind of sex education, but I never imagined it would involve live faculty demonstrations. : D It's very Monty Pythonish. (Like MP and the Meaning of Life) That fantasy scene was a hoot--no pun intended. It reminded me of old melodramas.

Author's Response: If they didn't have sex education before, they do now, considering how often the Snapes go at it around the campus. This happens to be one of my favorite chapters. I love writing humor. I have to restrain myself from putting it into everything, along with sex scenes. Sometimes I just like to use the fade-out and the implication. Other times I feel like it's time to let them express themselves. My version of Snape is very staid and proper in public for the most part, at least BW(Before Welkin) so I have him speaking very formally...little if no contractions...certain key phrases. So the melodrama of the fantasy scene is a natural for him. The both like role-play...:D

NJ Dryad 2012.05.27 - 09:59PM 18: Dinner with the Malfoys Signed
Darn! I was hoping the party would last longer. I'm now trying to imagine what an "aristocratic possum" looks like. Voldemort was so funny, the way he was panting over the thought of Welkin getting "disciplined." Maybe when the war is over, Severus and Welkin can go on the stage together.

Author's Response: That's easy. An "aristocratic possum" looks like...Lucius Malfoy when he thinks he has the upper hand. Sorry they never actually got to dinner. I wonder what the main course would have been? Roast peacock? Luckily, Voldemort panting over Welkin's discipline distracted him enough that he didn't start to question their little passion play.On the stage...LOL! And now...Severus and Welkin Snape in...Cat on a Hot Tin Roof... (make that a Cold Dungeon Floor...)

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