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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

Anna Anders 2012.07.17 - 02:29PM 52: Sweet Savage Wizard Signed
Yes, please keep updating! This is fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you're enjoying it. It's encouraging to hear from someone else who is reading.

yick 2012.07.15 - 05:28PM 52: Sweet Savage Wizard Signed
jaja poor welkin had to endure the pain for her second first time, so funny!! keep updating please!!

Author's Response: They tell me you forget the pain of childbirth, so I guess she forgot the pain of being deflowered. I thought it was a pretty funny idea and sounded like something she'd come up with. I hope she sends that Owl to the romance author! Updates much slower now, but coming along, I promise. Thanks for reading and commenting.

royalbuff 2012.07.05 - 04:06AM 23: Hermione's Secret Signed
As a rabid SS/HG shipper, I feel obligated to 'flame' you for making Hermione not end up wit Snape lols. Dear Snape..I don't think he can handle *two* females flinging themselves at him! :-)

Author's Response: Glad it's just obligation and not true flaming. Although I don't expect I get too many SS/HG shippers as readers. Which basically means I probably don't get that many readers. The whole internet appears to be nothing but Snape/Hermione at times. (sigh) I like Hermione, just not with Snape. My theory has always been that Snape needs something quite different than what Hermione provides. I'm not so sure sometimes that Snape can handle even *one* female flinging herself at him, much less more than one...;) Well...let me revise that...he can handle them in bed...just not anywhere else...:D

royalbuff 2012.07.02 - 07:43AM 8: A Modest Proposal Signed
So witty and full of humour. Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've always thought the poor guy needed a little more humour in his life, as well as a lot more love. Thanks for reading and taking the time to make a comment.

yick 2012.06.29 - 06:11PM 51: A Fiercely Feathered Thing Signed
finaly an update!!! :-D thank you welkin!!

Author's Response: Glad you stuck around for it... It takes me a while to get a chapter just the way I want it sometimes... Maxima omnium virtutum est patientia...;)

yick 2012.06.15 - 10:10PM 47: Bound and Determined Signed
jajaja!!... you are so naughty,naughty welkin..!!!

Author's Response: They do seem to enjoy one another to an extreme, don't they? As Severus said during their study date...Such an innocent face...such a dirty little mind... (one of my favorite Snape lines). I do miss their initial snarking at each other sometimes though. Too bad that Severus had to rush her into marriage so soon. I could have had a lot more fun with that. Thanks for being a faithful reader!

NJ Dryad 2012.06.15 - 07:21PM 48: Severus Snape vs. the Internet Signed
I'm glad Welkin is finally standing up to Severus about his insecurity. That kind of jealous controlling can undermine their marriage, and he needs to realize that. It would be great if the "in-tra-net" and/or "electronic owls" figured in defeating Moldy Shorts and/or saving somebody important. That would put Severus in his place!

Author's Response: The key to the personality of Welkin is that, despite the fact that she's always been very independent, she needs very much to be needed, as well as loved. Severus Snape is the most needy person she's ever met. The jealousy annoys her occasionally, but his needs outweigh that with her. She will be using that in-tra-net when it's needed...you're correct about that...when sending Owls might be too dangerous. Another sex maniac chapter coming up, and then they calm down a bit when the new term at Hogwarts starts.

NJ Dryad 2012.06.15 - 06:57PM 47: Bound and Determined Signed
Maybe you should change your story's name to "Welkin in the Sex Fiend's/Sex Maniac's World," or "Sex Fiends/Maniacs in the Wizarding World." I'll bet your readership would go way up. And it would more accurately reflect the plot. ;-)

Author's Response: The original title when I first started writing it actually was: Welkin in the Wizarding World - A Sexual Fantasy.

yick 2012.06.11 - 01:33PM 46: The Prodigy Signed
Ohh!! I see you almost done with posting all the chapter!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!

Author's Response: That's right. Two more previously written chapters are in queue, and after that, I'll have new chapters you haven't seen. Thank you for being so patient and hanging in there.

NJ Dryad 2012.06.10 - 11:30PM 46: The Prodigy Signed
Welkin needs to fool Severus with some meat analogs instead of real meat. That would reduce his excessive sex drive. And what kind of a dunderhead is he, wanting another child when they're on active duty in the middle of a war zone? That would put Welkin at a serious, possibly fatal, disadvantage, not to mention endangering their children, and him if he were needed to protect them. I always thought the Potters and Longbottoms were morons for doing that. He needs to get that insecurity under control.

Author's Response: Nothing is ever going to reduce Severus's excessive sex drive. He's Capricorn. Goats are known for being randy. Besides, he just really, really likes sex. Give the man a break...:) Or an opening...;) It was kind of inexplicable to me too, that he would want another child, but I kind of let the characters have their way a lot. Maybe he knows he's not likely to survive and just wants to rush the process for that reason? In this case, Welkin was the sensible one. She doesn't want to hamper her training by being pregnant. In the back of her mind somewhere she knows she'll need to be able to 'hit the ground running' as the saying goes. Being pregnant wouldn't allow her to be as much help to Severus when he needs it. And as far as his insecurity, Severus will never lose that completely. It's been too deeply ingrained. It'll get better over the years, but he'll always have it. Welkin will just have to learn to live with that. Like he lives with her eccentricities...:D

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