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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 11:18PM 7: Christmas Comes to Spinner's End Signed
How sweet that Severus finally got to enjoy a happy, food-filled Christmas. I was surprised to see him think of oral sex as his ace in the hole. I thought that was something else. Bwahahaha! Where is Welkin getting all these clothes? She reminds me of Ginger on Gilligan's Island in that regard.

Author's Response: They brought her stuff to her, remember? She gave them a list. Apparently she thought an evening gown might come in handy. LOL! He thought of oral sex as his ace in the hole because she praised him so highly on it. He's also hungry for praise, the way I see it, and would be eager to provide what he's praised for. I loved that he got an idyllic Christmas too. This story is partly my way of giving some of the things he was cheated out of, through Welkin. If they seem childish together at times, it's purposeful. Being with her allows him to loosen up a little and enjoy himself, at least in private. His influence on her won't be apparent until much later.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 10:52PM 6: The Declaration Signed
Is Welkin an alcoholic, or just intemperate, to be polite? Since fanfic often depicts Severus as having an alcoholic father, it would make sense for him to pick a bride with the same problem. I keep thinking, "Marry in haste; repent at leisure."

Author's Response: She's not an alcoholic. She's not exactly the model of self-restraint where it comes to anything though, so liking to drink fits that pattern...:) Alcohol, food, sex...it's all overdone. She's emotion personified, and in this instance, she's using alcohol to excess when she's under stress, as an avoidance technique.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 10:08PM 5: Welkin's Run-in With Lucius Malfoy Signed
I love Welkin's guts in standing up to Lucius. That speaks well of her, particularly since she can't do magic--at least, as far as she knows. ;-) I loved Severus's protectiveness just as much. Maybe when she's finished slapping Lucius, Welkin can give Albus a good smack. He needs one more than anybody.

Author's Response: Her bravery comes out when she's angry. Severus was kind of in a hard position. He wanted to protect her, but he can't really afford to do much to Lucius either, since he's supposed to be a fellow Death Eater. He wasn't bluffing though. He meant the warning. I realized after I'd written the first ten or twelve chapters that there's a hell of a lot of slapping going on. Must be something Freudian on my part. Welkin actually likes Albus, but her opinion of him starts to be, shall we say, a little less idealistic later on in the story. I love your comments. They're very spark-inducing. Thanks!

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 09:41PM 4: The Yule Ball Signed
It seems they both care about each other more than they're willing to admit. I like the idea of the snake bracelet. Now I'm wondering if there are pieces of jewelry for the other houses that correspond to it.

Author's Response: Yes, they do. But it's kind of that...don't want to be the first one to admit it scenario. That's an interesting thought, about corresponding ancient traditions relating to jewelry for the other houses. I used the bracelet with Severus because it seemed like something he would do to stake his claim on her and try to keep other men away. She was mostly mad because she felt like a fool since she was the last one to know what it meant.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 07:02PM 3: The Inevitable Tumble Signed
I wasn't crazy about that sex scene, although it was certainly, um, stimulating. They both acted like jerks. I did like the part where Snape decided Dumbledore didn't need to know about this, though. That gave me a laugh.

Author's Response: My sex scenes aren't everybody's dream scenario...:D But I like to think they are quite stimulating, as you say. Someone else I know liked that line about not putting it into a report to Dumbledore too. Although...if he hasn't had sex for a century, he might like that kind of report...

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 06:30PM 2: You Can't Go Home Again Signed
Dumbledore really does get off on torturing Severus, doesn't he? I'm sure there's nobody else in that entire castle he could find to babysit their prisoner. And I find it ironic that Mr. Celibate-for-a-Century Albus thinks *Snape* needs to get laid. Projection much, Albus?

Author's Response: Dumbledore has ulterior motives, as always. Mr. Celibate-for-Century...LOL! Funny you should say that...there's a reference that Welkin makes to that effect later on in the story.

NJ Dryad 2012.05.26 - 06:22PM 1: The Unwelcome Arrival Signed
Ooh, this is good! An intriguing beginning, a good sense of humor, and a feisty heroine equal a winning combination.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review! Welkin is definitely feisty. I'm glad you liked the humorous touches.

Rose of the West 2012.05.25 - 12:28AM 28: Snape's Enchantment Signed
So she has to admit to liking him... a lot. It's too bad he did it in such a public place, but it's the sort of thing she does to him all the time.

Author's Response: Yes, he's very insecure about that. She must reassure him constantly, even though it should be fairly obvious that she loves him. Understandable, considering he never had much of a real childhood, homelife, or many friends, to speak of. She's actually very supportive and admiring of him, which is something else he needs desperately. No wonder he's willing to bend his rules with her. He was like a starving man in many ways emotionally, and she's a veritable banquet of emotional responsiveness that's been unexpectedly spread out before him.

Rose of the West 2012.05.25 - 12:22AM 27: Bloodlines Signed
That's a pretty scary scenario to wander into just in the space of 2 years.

Author's Response: Yes, especially considering that she didn't just wander in - she was brought in by Dumbledore, and it's been even less time that that at this point - less than a year. From Dec. 1994 to Dec. 1995 to be basically kidnapped, fall in love, be somewhat tricked into marriage, definitely tricked into pregnancy and have a baby, discover that she's a witch, find out her husband's a spy, and now this scary state of affairs. Her life is on a vastly accelerated schedule right now, including her magical training. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Merrylore8 2012.05.21 - 12:38PM 25: Have Yourself a Very Weasley Christmas Signed
I'm so glad I found your story!! I felt really bad for Severus and Welkin. They found each other, only to have know-it-all Hermione try to kiss Severus at exactly the wrong time. I'm glad she had the courage to admit to Welkin what she did and they're together again. I think they make a great couple.

Author's Response: Wouldn't you know that the one time Hermione decides to do something impulsive, it's the wrong thing to do. But she did the right thing in the end, that's what counts. Great to get a review from you ML. I think Severus and Welkin make a great couple too, of course.

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