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Reviews for Welkin in the Wizarding World

Rose of the West 2012.05.02 - 09:00AM 17: The Summoning Signed
It's never good when the Tedious One wants to meet the family.

Author's Response: The "Tedious One"...LOL! You have very little fear of him, don't you? I thought I'd better introduce the fact that Voldemort would have known about Snape's personal life, at least the basics, if not the details, and that he'd be very curious to know just how attached Snape was to this new woman. There was, in Voldemort's mind, that unfortunate incident with Lily Potter, that seemed to make Snape's loyalty waver just a bit. The Dark Lord just doesn't know how much it wavered...and stayed that way.

Rose of the West 2012.05.02 - 08:57AM 15: The Birth: All Hallow's Eve Signed
Interesting birth and recovery.

Author's Response: Thanks...:) My vision of the couple is that they bicker and debate a lot, but where it comes to sex, they are nearly perfectly attuned. They hardly ever disagree about that. It took a really herculean effort to restrain themselves during pregnancy. As far as the birth goes, how many original ways are there to portray a birth? It's pretty cliche usually, so I went for at least an interesting location for the birth, and a significant night.

Rose of the West 2012.05.02 - 08:55AM 16: In Dreams Signed
Oh, no! There's always more to it than we want, isn't there?

Author's Response: She's been carrying her secret around for a long time, and there's more to it than revealed in this chapter. The bad dreams are just part of it.

yick 2012.04.25 - 10:07PM 11: Snape's Valentine Signed
Hi welkin!! ...Oh!!! I love this severus first Valentin day,!!! Naughty

Author's Response: Happy to see you're still reading...and still enjoying. Thank you.

Rose of the West 2012.04.24 - 02:11PM 14: The Pregnancy: Tales From the Dark Side Signed
That's an interesting take on pregnancy. I'm glad to see that Welkin isn't suffering from it too badly. Most of the time it's just wondering if something interesting is going to happen.

Author's Response: My way of working through the pregnancy quickly, and I hope, entertainingly, to get her back on track with her training.

Rose of the West 2012.04.24 - 01:47PM 13: Welkin and the Great Misconception Signed
It had to happen sometime. Interesting reactions all around. I can't wait to see Ron going on at the idea of little Snapes wandering around Hogwarts.

Author's Response: I hadn't even thought of poor Ron's reaction. He has enough trouble with picturing Snape having sex, much less being a father...LOL!

Rose of the West 2012.04.23 - 09:44PM 12: Catfight at the Quidditch Match Signed
It's good that they're learning to work together.

Author's Response: They get better at it as they go along. They collaborate on something rather important to the story later on.

Rose of the West 2012.04.23 - 09:33PM 11: Snape's Valentine Signed
It's so easy to let stupid little misunderstanding snowball like that when you're first married. They'll learn better.

Author's Response: They'll always debate and argue about things, but not usually about big issues. They're very different in the way they express themselves, but they both need what the other supplies. They complement each other.

Rose of the West 2012.04.23 - 09:19PM 10: Severus Snape Takes a Bride Signed
That's a cute wedding.

Author's Response: I wanted them to have a nice wedding, because later on they'll go through a lot, post Albus. Life will get a lot more complicated, if that's possible.

Rose of the West 2012.04.23 - 09:12PM 9: A Very Brief Engagement Signed
I hope Dumbledore has tested her enough to tell for sure that she's up to the task. She seems to have all the right skills, though.

Author's Response: The big surprise will be revealed later, regarding her witch ancestry. Don't worry. She's a very quick learner, and quite adaptable. Look at everything she's adapted to with Snape so far.

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