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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

NoxSomnium 2008.01.06 - 03:45PM 20: The full moon came... (part 1) Signed
Aw, cuddling! I'm an insatiable cuddler myself. I feel it necessary to tell you that the only fic on Sycophant I've ever seen with longer chapters than yours is probably the Knight Errant Chronicles. That's a marvelous thing :)

Author's Response: Hello NoxSomnium! Thank you for taking the time to leave honest reviews. It feels strange to have new readers for One Wish, given that I published it a couple of years ago (and would really like to edit it completely!). I'm glad you enjoyed certain things.

NoxSomnium 2008.01.05 - 08:21PM 6: Trapped (part 1) Signed
My Snape! I really don't understand why they don't send a really carefully worded letter to Dumbledore. Or an emissary.

NoxSomnium 2008.01.05 - 03:19PM 3: When great minds meet Signed
It is usually difficult for me to come up with a review for a completed story. Firstly because I want to find out what happens next, and I can. Second, much of what I would ask about would potentially be explained later in the story and I dislike saying something unnecessarily. The Cami/Anastasia seemed odd. Really Random is more the term I'm looking for. Not to mention, Snape doesn't seem like the type to start touching anyone, much less a girl he doesn't know very well. But we shall see. At least I will. :)

MimiManderly 2007.06.29 - 09:04PM 50: Epilogue Signed
Thank you for writing such a beautiful, haunting story that I will remember for a long time to come. I will have a good cry now, not because I'm sad, per se, but because I am glad that your Severus had a normal, happy life after such a horrendous start. I fear that JKR's Severus will not end his days happily. Which will, of course, cause another crying jag.... I look forward to reading more of your stories! Thanks again!

Author's Response: My dear... thank you SO much for leaving reviews! This novel is my favourite, and I'm almost sorry you didn't get to read the revised version I'll soon be working on... but anyway, I wanted to let you know that I'm really happy you shared your reactions with me. Of all the commentaries I've received about that novel, I think one of yours will always be the one that touched me the most. You saying that I created an character that is Severus' equal... that deserves him... is the highest compliment you could give me as a fanfic writer. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!! If you want to read my other stories, and there are many, just go in my profile. They are all listed there. Take care my friend; you truly made my day(s) with your reviews!

MimiManderly 2007.06.28 - 10:56PM 48: How it ended... and began (part 2) Signed
Whew! Thank goodness Tasia survived and I can use that vodka to celebrate instead of commiserate. Although I was ready to step in and help Severus through it all, if need be. (And, yes.....I am -still- aware that he is fictional! Bloody, buggery fictional....)

MimiManderly 2007.06.28 - 09:33PM 46: One wish alone have I (part 2) Signed
OMG.......I can tell that I'm going to be crying a lot this weekend, aren't I? *Goes to make sure there are ample provisions of kleenex and vodka* I'm HOPING that the prophecy was either misinterpreted or that Tasia must BELIEVE that she is going to die in order to save the day. *Sighs heavily* I don't often root for the heroine in these fanfics, let me tell you. Most of them are not worthy of Severus. Tasia is certainly his equal. (Next to me, of course.....and yes, I know that he's fictional. My husband has already pointed that out to me. Numerous times.)

MimiManderly 2007.06.24 - 11:50PM 38: Healing wounds (part 2) Signed
Thank goodness I can put the kleenex away now! I was determined to stay up and read until I came to a happier part of the story. I think I will go to bed now before Severus manages to screw it all up again.

Author's Response: LOL thanks for letting me know you feel better! :) I think I know where you are in the story; more is on the way... I hope you'll keep reading and commenting; it's been so long since I published this novel and it's good to hear feedback again! Take care dear and good night! ;)

MimiManderly 2007.06.24 - 09:56PM 35: One more star in the sky (part 1) Signed
Oh, gods! I was depressed after the last chapter, but this one actually had me weeping copiously at the computer. I hope things pick up for poor Tasia soon, if only because I would like to feel better myself.

Author's Response: Hello MimiManderly! I know, some parts of that novel are filled with painful feelings and I know I'm not easy on my readers in that regard. But if you keep reading... :) I know know what chapter you just read, but thank you so much for taking the time to review! It's very kind of you! Take care, and I hope the rest of the novel will please you!

cherlark 2007.06.04 - 02:49PM 1: Arrival at the castle Signed
I just discovered this story, and am about 3/4 of the way through it. I have to say, I thought the first chapter would go on forever. Too much detail!!! I almost trashed it as a bad job, but I kept plugging through until I got to something fairly interesting. My question to you is, is English your first language? The reason I ask is that some of the words you use to describe things don't make any sense. Also, how does one 'plunge one's eyes' into another's? You use that phrase a lot, and frankly, it confuses me. It makes me cringe to think about it. It would be very painful. Your beta, if English speaking, should have picked up on all of this. I doubt very much if I will read any more of your stories. It's too much work!!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks for taking the time to leave that long review. However, I'm really puzzled... all your comments are negative, and yet you decided to review when you were 3/4 of the way through... that's about 400 pages! Frankly, if the story made you cringe that much, you shouldn't have bothered to read it, and much less to review it. I had several betas for this story, all very experienced senior admins on this very website. Thanks for letting me know that my imagery and metaphors did not please you, but what can I say; one cannot please anybody.

Wiccan 2006.05.28 - 05:10PM 50: Epilogue Signed
What can I say...I enjoyed every bit of this. There were a few 'tense' discrepencies in 'her' writing. Aside from that, I have to tell you that you gave me a most wonderful three days of pure entertainment and what I am sure will be many fond recollections of the charming love affair and plot that you created. There are only a few fan-fics that 'haunt' me and this will be gleefully added.
Antanasia will be remembered by this muggle! I laughed hysterically when she complained that her name was too close to Anastasia because I kept having to make the mental switch!
I am sorry they decided to not choose re-birth. Several chapters back I kept begging them to do it. Ah, well.
I probable won't read the other stories on Sycophant as I think that site is mostly sexually oriented and that is not my favorite genre. This story has quite a bit of steamy sex involved, but has oh so much more to offer. You should feel very proud of this effort.
Thank you again for allowing us to share in this wonderful world that is your mind.

Author's Response: It's my turn: what can I say? I am deeply touched by the fact you took the time to leave such a substantial review! A feedback like this is gold, just gold! I am very flattered to hear you say that my novel will haunt you. I, too, can think of a few fanfic novels that haunt me too. I am sorry that Tasia and Severus "disappointed" you by choosing to remain mortal, but I think this is one of the reasons why the story will haunt you indeed. I usually make a point of having a reader wait before he/she gets what he/she wants... or I go against people's wishes and stick more to what would happen in the reality. You see, I thought it would be less convincing if I made them choose to go through rebirth and then wrote about how they "lived happily ever after". Ever after becomes a long, long time then, and many things can happen! And as for the Antanasia-Anastasia thing, I actualy wrote this after a few reviewers made the mistake themselves... and made me cringe (though I understand the confusion!). Strangely, the mistakes stopped after I wrote that, hehe! I am indeed very proud of this effort, for it was the first novel I finished. I am currently writing other fanfic novels, but also a "real" one. I tried a few plots, until I realized that I missed Tasia, the others, and her world too much. I decided to write the story of her becoming a vampire from her first meeting with Lord Sebestyen to the end of the Russian invasion war (1739-1756). The process is very slow, mainly because writing "for real" is a bit more stressful. But I will keep working hard on that novel and make an attempt at publishing it. If it works, I would like to write her whole "afterlifetime" and adapt One Wish to take all HP elements out (and, as you pointed out, take a few sex scenes out; they were partly written for the readers you find here). But of course, we're not there yet. All this to say, your review is a big encouragement for me and it really helps me keep writing. I totally understand your choice not to read the PWPs if they are not your cup of tea. However, you can certainly read "Lumos Aeterna" on Lumos, "Heritage" on Sycophant Hex and "Hogwarts' Spy" on Lumos. The first has about one paragraph of suggestive action and the two others don't have any. I would be honoured and happy to receive your feedback about these pieces if you would be so generous. Either way, take care, and thanks again! ZahariaCelestina

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