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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

greenwood 2005.05.17 - 12:48AM 28: The snake came out of the bush (part 2) Signed
This has been such a wonderful story so far. You have painted such a tender person in Antanasisa. I love the magical world you make here where vampires are such people too and all those with magic are just part of the whole. Her long years of existance have created a person with depth and warmth that loves beyond boundries (which some seem to be unable to understand). Love has so many demensions and Antanasisa blends them all. Very good story.

Author's Response: Hello greenwood! Thanks for leaving a review! I cannot express how your comments about Tasia's personality touched me. Like another author said, writers can wait a long time to receive that kind of comment... It particularly touches me because you commented on what is 100% my creation... I am very grateful. You have grasped Tasia's essence very, very well and I could not have put it better myself, I think! :o) I am glad that my novel, and Tasia, touched your heart and I hope they will keep doing so in the next chapters! Take care! :o)

niklars 2005.05.17 - 12:16AM 30: I forgive... Signed
Oh, my dear...brilliant...super hot...looking forward to more nights like this one between these two.

Author's Response: Hello my dear! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it very much! I think your wish will be granted! :o)

musicdrink 2005.05.16 - 12:49AM 30: I forgive... Signed
Yea! Very nice! Ok, bloody brilliant! Your Severus is awesome. Sentimental enough without loosing his essence or becoming a sad awkward tragic romantic. I knew he would let her 'kiss' him! Now, will he get the kiss, kiss?

Author's Response: Hello! *blush* thanks for your nice comments! :o) I am really glad that my version of Severus stayed canon in your eyes even if I brought more sentimentality to him. I am also glad you were awaiting the Kiss! Now for the Kiss... the "big" one... well, it is an idea I am still debating with myself. Depending on the ending (because last Friday, I had an idea that might make me change something very important... so...) I might do it or not... you will have to wait and see! :o) (just like me, it seems, lol!)

Greyfalcon 2005.05.15 - 07:09PM 30: I forgive... Signed
Very passionate .... it was worth the wait for them to finally get together. Now I eagerly await to see what you do next for I am sure it will be interesting to see how they each handle this change in their relationship.

Author's Response: Hello dear! Thank you for your nice words! I was particularly touched by you saying that it was worth the wait; coming from you, it is a very nice thing to read! :o) I still have many things in mind about their relationship's evolution... :o) Take care!

Stuka 2005.05.15 - 04:55PM 30: I forgive... Signed
*collapses and spasms uncontrollably on the floor* That was incredibly hot and wonderful and WHOA. I love Severus when he's groaning incoherently...what a pity J.K.R will never do something like this. The entire thing was awesomely orchestrated and Severus+Tasia+rain=shudderingly great little love scene *wipes up drool*

Author's Response: Hello Stuka! :o) As always, I love your enthusiasm; it's communicative! Thank you for your comments, they made my day! I am especially touched by the fact you appreciated the "rain" part of the plot. It is a scene I enjoy a lot myself and I re-read it many times even after I wrote it; I just love the feel of it and its almost unreal side... It is very dear to my heart! :o) Thanks again and take care!

musicdrink 2005.05.13 - 11:59PM 29: The fight Signed
Very good! Great bastardly Snape. You have rounded his character out nicely. I can't wait for them to get together.

Author's Response: Hello musicdrink! Thanks for your kind comments! :o) It is much appreciated!

Stuka 2005.05.11 - 09:24PM 29: The fight Signed
WONDERFUL! *jumps up and down in unholy glee* Your Snape is as perfectly characterized as any I've read recently and SUCH a bastard, but we love him for it. And Tasia is wonderfully alive per usual. Your Remus ...is so heartbreakingly sweeeeet! PLEASE post more soon!

Author's Response: Hello again, Stuka! *jumps up and down with you* You, my dear, are going to love chapter 16, I think! :o) Thank you *very* much for your comments! :o) I am glad that you like the way I explored Severus' dark side (see my comment to greyfalcon below for the details) and that Tasia continues to be alive in your eyes; I think that chapter really tells a lot about *her*, too. I am also glad you seemed to appreciate Remus; I wanted to give them a nice way to "wrap it up" together and find their own place at each other's side in a more positive and mutually rewarding way (and you're right, he is *such* a sweetie, love him!). Take care!!

Greyfalcon 2005.05.11 - 03:00PM 29: The fight Signed
An excellent and very intense chapter. Your writing about the duel was superb as well as the mean,nasty tactics that Severus used during it. I think you really captured his character there...the willingness to do anything to win.

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon! Thanks for the nice review, you made me blush! :o) I had written parts of that duel since ages and I was really looking forward to come to this point in the plot and share it... Chapter 16 is extremely intense, too, still from an interpersonal point of view. With Chapter 15, however, I also wanted to underline Severus' own suffering, with that duel; it might even be what is the most important/salient in this chapter, in my opinion. In addition to his willingness to do anything to win, there is also a very desperate ring to what he does; he is green with envy, terribly jealous and deep down, he does not think he "is worthy" (though of course he would never admit it). I think this is what gives Severus such complexity and depth... and a wonderful emotional diversity, too.

musicdrink 2005.05.05 - 10:27PM 28: The snake came out of the bush (part 2) Signed
Good chapter. I loved "feverish eyes".

Author's Response: Hello musicdrink! Thanks for reviewing! I am *glad* you loved the chapter! Take care! :o)

Greyfalcon 2005.05.05 - 03:31PM 28: The snake came out of the bush (part 2) Signed
Nice chapter, I am glad you are getting them together slowly after the Remus interlude...it makes more sense this way. I am also glad she is showing doubt as to whether getting together with Severus is a good idea due to the fact that he will age..which is interesting because that didn't seem to concern her when it came to Remus. Looking forward to what comes next as always.

Author's Response: Hello again Greyfalcon! Your comment made me smile; I find it ironic that you find the slowness satisfying now, after having waited for so long during the Remus interlude! :o) Though I agree with you; those two had to take it slow (even if I was, myself, quite impatient!) Thanks for making me notice that the same concern was not present in Remus' case; I guess it underlines how deeply she cares about Severus and what he means to her... As always, thanks for your comments! they made my day! :o)

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