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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

greenwood 2005.07.27 - 11:50AM 38: Healing wounds (part 2) Signed
Breathless! Well done! Well done! You had me tearing up there! What a dramatic and emotional ending to thier seperation. What a wonderful story!! I was half hoping that Severus would leave and almost die in some horrible accident and make her suffer but I am really touched by your ending! So charged with love! WOW!

Author's Response: Hello greenwood! Thank you, very much, for your nice and enthusiastic review! It made my day! :o) In a way, I am glad that the plot did not go where you expected it to go, because I did not want it to be too predictable *wink*. There are still many major things to come, though, before the novel is over (it's just that you mentioned "your ending"... it was just the chapter's ending!). But what is happening (and is still to happen) in this part of the story will bring Tasia and Severus even closer and stronger together. Again, thanks for your kind words! :o)

Greyfalcon 2005.07.24 - 03:52PM 38: Healing wounds (part 2) Signed
Excellent chapter. I enjoyed it very much and I am glad to see them interact together once again though it is filled with angst.

Author's Response: Hey! Great to see you're back, Greyfalcon! Thanks for your comments; it is nice to have them interact again for me, too! More is coming... definitely! :o)

CrabAppleGlory 2005.07.18 - 09:10PM 1: Arrival at the castle Signed
Hey! This is Lynnythy1406! Still a wonderful Snape fanfic!

Author's Response: Hi there!!! :o) Great to see you here as well! :o) Thanks for reading and reviewing here, too! Take care!

Mary Ella 2005.07.16 - 06:03PM 37: Healing wounds (part 1) Signed
Ahhhh so the saturine Snape of your story does have some remorse of the situation. Nice thing to know. Once again well written and I wait with anticipation for the next chapter.

Author's Response: :o) aaaah? It sounds like a relief! :o) Severus has more than remorse... you'll see! Next chapter is in editing; I will post it as soon as I can! :o) Thanks for reading/reviewing! Cheers!

Author's Response: Oh.. and forgive my ignorance (English is not my first language), but what does saturine mean?

Stuka 2005.07.15 - 11:35PM 37: Healing wounds (part 1) Signed
Absolutely MARVELOUS! More soo! PLEEEEAAASE! I loev the idea of Severus on a battlefield. *drools incoherently for severeal minutes* Ahem! Anyway, nice little plot twist with Ivantie and I love the attention to the inter-Clan politics! As always, you are a goddess! *bows*

Author's Response: Dear Stuka! As always, your reviews energize me for hours! :o) How can I go to bed and sleep, now? More is coming, don't worry! Though I suspect another novel (basically... THE stuff) will keep you occupied for the next few days at least! Again, thanks a LOT for your nice review; I am glad you like how things are turning! (I really love that image of Severus on that particular battlefield, too... it's stuck in my mind, for some reason! I particularly loved the angry despair in the way he fought; that is why I really wanted to take the time to fully descrbe it) Take care! :o)

Stuka 2005.07.04 - 12:39PM 36: One more star in the sky (part 2) Signed
*Dumps large mountain of Chocolate Frogs on table, wrapped in a big red bow* Oh my dear gods...YOU ARE THE QUEEN. I just read the 4 chapters and I am completely in awe. *bows and scrapes* And Severus is SUCH A BLOODY BASTARD! He needs to be bitch-slapped into another dimension! I hope Tasia kicks his ass. Wonderful marshmallowy goodness per usual!Keep going I can't STAND it!

Author's Response: Hawoh Chtuga! Oops.... *chews and swallows half a chocolate frog... and flies high on the delights of sugar* Hey, it's so nice to hear from you, I've missed you! :o) Your genuineness and kindness made me have a big lump in my throat! I'm overwhelmed by your comments! I unexpectedly have two days "off" this week; I'm about to get a lot of things done for the upcoming chapters. As I said to the others... something good will come out of it! You'll see! :o) Thanks again for everything!!!

Samson28 2005.07.04 - 05:06AM 36: One more star in the sky (part 2) Signed
I finally have had chance to read your wonderful story - so glad I took the time. Lovely plot and character development. You have a lovely mix of adventure, hurt, comfort, angst and joy. Very much looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to read my (never-ending) novel! :o) I am particularly glad that you liked the balance of emotions/action I put in the plot! Really, your nice comments warmed my heart!

Mary Ella 2005.07.03 - 04:16AM 36: One more star in the sky (part 2) Signed
What a powerful chapter that was. I will admitt that it had me in tears at one point. I suppose that was the purpose, and the only way it could really be written about. I just wish you didn't do it so well. Keep writing, I on the other hand, have to go wash my tear stained face. :)

Author's Response: Mary Ella! hi! I had not heard from you in a while! I am both glad and sorry that it made you cry, though, for the reasons I explained earlier to Greyfalcon. Your comments were very "from the heart" and they touched me deeply, really. Believe it or not, something good will come out of that period of darkness. Life is always stronger... Thanks for sticking with me!

Greyfalcon 2005.07.03 - 02:51AM 36: One more star in the sky (part 2) Signed
The last two chapters were very powerful, it was interesting but not very pleasent...but then again it wasn't supposed to be.

Author's Response: Hello again Greyfalcon! The first part of your comment knocked me off my chair! In a way, I am glad it had that effect on you; my goal was to make the reader experience all kinds of emotions, including unpleasant ones. All I can say is that the novel is multifaced; remember the end of the chapter... many things are about to change, and for the best! :o) Th upcoming chapters will have a whole different feel!

Greyfalcon 2005.06.24 - 03:26AM 34: The betrayal (part 2) Signed
yesh, talking about throwing a wrench into the works..actually a couple of them. You make me wonder why he is running.... were they getting too close? or is there another reason he couldn't tell her?

Author's Response: Hi Greyfalcon! I am not too sure I understand what you mean by "throwing a wrench"... but well, I hope those are positive "wrenches" for you! As for why Severus is running away, do not go too far in complicated interpretations. A relationship with canon-Severus would never be a smooth ride, so I just could not let them live their "happily ever after" that easily. Therefore, your first interpretation is the closest from what happened in Severus' mind, in part.

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