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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

Mary Ella 2005.05.05 - 03:18PM 27: The snake came out of the bush (part 1) Signed
Dear ZahariaCelestina, I must say that your story is very well writen. I am enjoying it immensely. The way you developed the character of the vampire, is most intriguing, and a thoroughly delightful break from the over used cliches often associated with such characters. Yet, perhaps the most emjoyable aspect of the story is the way you do not delve into the thoughts that Snape may have at any particular moment, like so many others do. It really is quite refreshing. All in all, I find you to be a gifted writer, with an amazing ability to create a world unique in so many ways. I look forward to reading your next installment. Until then, I will be most patiently waiting. Mary Ella.

Author's Response: Dear Mary Ella, thank you for your nice comments, I am deeply touched! They are greatly appreciated and now it is my turn to be fully refreshed! ;o) I am happy to read that Antanasia intrigues you and that you have the patience to wait for my next installments! From the bottom of my heart, thank you again! :o)

niklars 2005.05.05 - 03:12PM 27: The snake came out of the bush (part 1) Signed
I have been waiting for this part of the story....hooray!

Author's Response: Helo niklars!! Glad to have your comments again! :o) Something tells me you wll "hooray" the next two chapters as well! :o) Has your husband read the end of chapter 12, by the way??? ;-)

Stuka 2005.05.02 - 10:30PM 27: The snake came out of the bush (part 1) Signed
This fic is absolutely marvelous! Tasia is a remarkably filled out OC, not something you find too often, and the reason I normally avoid SS/OC fics like the plague. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Author's Response: Hello Stuka!! I cannot express how grateful I am to receive your kind words!! *Believe me*, I was in need for encouragements!!! You made my day, dearest, really! I am glad you like my work, because I really put all my heart into it. It is a lot of work, but it has been one of the most rewarding of my literary experiences! I am thrilled to learn that Tasia sounds believeable to you. Again... THANK YOU!!! :o)

Greyfalcon 2005.05.01 - 04:09PM 27: The snake came out of the bush (part 1) Signed
Great Chappie, I loved the first two lessons and how she is beginning to understand Snape's problems in the classroom...I also like this chapter's title.

Author's Response: Thanks Greyfalcon! :o) The chapter's title refers to the visions Antanasia had with the Great Dragon, if you remember... ;o)

Greyfalcon 2005.04.27 - 11:04AM 26: And other full moons followed... (part 3) Signed
Glad to see this chapter up, I am looking forward to reading the next chapter. Of course now all the student rumours will now be true, there will be a vampire in the dungeons, just not Snape.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment, Greyfalcon! Rumours will remain rumours though, at least at the beginning... :o) I am sure the next chapter will fall more into your tastes... take care!

Greyfalcon 2005.04.23 - 12:44PM 25: And other full moons followed... (part 2) Signed
After that chapter , I think Antanasia needs to speak to Molly to find out why she doesn't like her relationship with Remus, plus she still hasn't figured out why Severus doesn't care for Remus and might need a bit of insight. Speaking of which, I am curious on how you plan to work out this detour as you call it.... Severus always struck me as sorr of a stubborn sort about things and I don't think it will be easy to get him together with Antanasia with what has happened. I an still enjoying your writing and I look forward to the rest of this part.

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon! Glad to see that my chapter rose some questions and stimulated some thinking! Here are my impressions about some of your concerns. Antanasia will not speak to Molly about what she said. First of all, because she and Molly are not close, but mostly because Molly's role in the plot was to shake Tasia a bit and make her realise that she had some serious thinking to do. That is precisely what she does and she slowly starts to realise that she might like Severus a bit more than she wants to admit. Severus not caring for Remus... you mean the relationship or Remus per se? Severus has already made a few attempts to prevent their relationship to happen (e.g., dinner) and it failed. He is lying low for now. Bringing him together with Tasia will not be easy indeed, Severus is *very* angry/jealous about it but keeps it inside, obviously. Don't worry, it will all come out. Soon! :o) As for the detour, you will have your answer in the next post. Thanks for sticking with me!

cardigrl 2005.04.21 - 02:09AM 24: And other full moons followed... (part 1) Signed
Hi. Thanks for the update! Sorry to say this (and I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to you(g)), but I am REALLY hating the Lupin stuff. I'm having trouble seeing how Lupin's having sex with her around the house advances or fits into the plot. And frankly, it cheapens Antanasia. On the positive side, glad to see more of Snape in this chapter, even if it was just Antanasia criticizing him for everything under the sun. (sigh) And it was certainly good to see some action of the non-Lupinsex variety. Your imaginative description of how Voldie sniffs out the less than faithful was certainly intriguing (and well done as always).

Author's Response: Hello cardgirl... it's my turn to sigh, and very deeply... What can I say; some of you loved the Remus detour, some of you did not! I took a risk and you guys made it perfectly clear that some of you did not like the idea at all. Ok, I know by now! Can we move on to something else, please? :o) Now about your comments... Here is how I feel it fits into the plot (if you go beyond the joking part about the sex all around the house which was done for a humorous purpose...) An enormous part of chapter 13 part 2 happens in Severus' classroom, so I pray that you, along with the other readers, will feel a bit more satisfied. My editor commented that the Remus detour added depth to the plot and in my mind, it is a necessary detour. Think about it… Given all the things that happened from chapters 1-9, Severus' attitude drastic change, made as soon as he came back on "his territory", is unforgivable and extremly ungrateful and Tasia was certainly not going to fall into his arms that fast or easily. The only logical thing for her was to fall for a "rebound", a nice sweet guy who would represent no threat and heal many wounds... and Remus, in my mind, was absolutely perfect for that. Does it cheapen Tasia? I don't think so. She is just human and I found the plot far more realistic that way. For one thing, Remus was aware of Tasia's mixed feelings from the very start... he made a choice knowing that. And in the novel, just like among my readers, not everybody thinks that this relationship was a good idea; some do, some don’t, you’ll see that more in the rest of Chapter 13. About Tasia criticizing Severus... I really don't know what you refer to when you say "everything under the sun"... she does respect him, and already made many comments about him that talk about her admiration for him, yet she does have a critical eye... and loves him all the same. I think it makes it more real. Just like she told him, she does not like labels and heroes... Nuances implies finding positive AND negative stuff, and that’s what she does... Anyway, I’m writing a novel again; I just felt the need to explain myself. Chapter 13, parts 2-3 are in editing process right now. I pray that they will bring you more satisfaction. Cheers! :o)

musicdrink 2005.04.21 - 12:16AM 24: And other full moons followed... (part 1) Signed
Love the story! When are Severus and Ant going to hook up? Soon? Please?

Author's Response: Hello musicdrink! Thanks for your nice comments! YES they are going to hook up soon! Very soon! It is getting absolutely there and no more detours! :o)

Yabo 2005.04.20 - 06:44PM 24: And other full moons followed... (part 1) Signed
I'm just mess'n with ya girl. No need to get snarky! =)

Author's Response: Thanks for making things clearer... but next time, please remember that internet does not always carries the "wanted tone" properly and short comments like this can be misinterpreted... ;o)

Yabo 2005.04.20 - 03:48PM 24: And other full moons followed... (part 1) Signed
*waits patiently for the all the nasty Lupin sex to be over with*

Author's Response: Thanks for the constructive criticism, Yabo... I thought I had already explained myself about the "Remus detour"... It is your right not to like it, but please notice that half the chapter is about Antanasia and Severus' relationship...

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