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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

Mary Ella 2005.09.07 - 02:06PM 46: One wish alone have I (part 2) Signed
Wow, I just finished crying, and my eyes have cleared enough to finally type this. How can one comment on such an immense piece of work. It is like trying to criticize Shakespeare or Poe. It simply can not be done in any truly resourceful way. The way you write about the intimate thoughts that surround death soothes me. I often think back to my own sad time in life, and the realism is astounding, shocking even. I once had such emotions, but to have them laid out before me in such a different and unique situation is both comforting and frightening. How can one truly face the endlessness of death, how can one face the truth of immenant seperation from all the things that we love? Sorry, here I go crying again, and getting all mooshy. So let me just say that you touched my heart. You left me praying for some sort of light beyond this darkness.

Author's Response: My dearest Mary Ella, your review touched me and flattered me deeply, really. This chapter is indeed very intense and I cried when I wrote it, several times. Since the very beginning, I intended to come to this (as you know now why Antanasia was writing, in the first place), and that subject was very delicate and trying to explore, indeed. I am glad I touched your heart, for it was my intention with this novel. Many things are still coming... though there are not many chapters left. In fact, I am writing the novel's last paragraphs right now... :o) Take care and, if you want to talk about your reactions more, you know what my email is... *smooch*

Greyfalcon 2005.08.31 - 07:44PM 44: Back to Hogwarts (part 3) Signed
Still going strong, I am enjoy reading what is going on with your story and I continue to read with interest.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know you're still there, Greyfalcon! Your comments encourage me a lot! more is coming soon!

Mary Ella 2005.08.19 - 09:48AM 40: A new beginning (part 2) Signed
I loved your little bit about her name often being confused with anastasia. I am sorry that I made such a foul in my last review. Please forgive me I meant no offense. Your description of the ceremony for Cordelius was touching. It reminds people that despite death they are always withus, and that the transition from one place to another need not be a lonely one, no matter what you believe. It truly is uplifiting for someone who has experienced so much death, and in a time when tragedy surrounds us all.

Author's Response: Dearest Mary Ella! :o) Do not hit your head too hard on your keyboard, dear! Many people confused her name with Anastasia in past reviews! ;o) The reference to this in the novel was just a big wink to my readers, I couldn't resist! Thank you for your nice review, it really touched me! I agree with what you wrote, and it was indeed one of the messages I wanted to transmit with the ritual. Take care, *mwah*!

josephine_violet 2005.08.16 - 09:31PM 28: The snake came out of the bush (part 2) Signed
Hello, just wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying your epic story. Anastasia is beautifully written and your handling of her condition is extremely well-done. I particularly enjoy the little touches that illustrate her lifestyle. Snape is well written too and I'm very pleased that these two are finally sharing a roof. Due to having very limited time on-line, I cut and pasted your chapters to date into a Word document. That way I'm able to take my time reading, but the down side is that I'm not a very faithful reviewer (bad Josie!). Please know your efforts are sincerely appreciated and I look forward to updates.

Author's Response: Hello Josie! Thank you, so very much, for your kind words! They really warmed my heart! People like you really give me an extra boost to keep working, and as I am currently in a rush, in attempt to finish writing the novel this week, your review is particularly welcome! You cannot imagine how happy and flattered it makes me feel to know that you are taking the time to copy my novel into a Word file; it makes me appreciate the time you took to review even more! I really put all my heart into that work, and I am glad to know that you enjoy it! Your comments about Antanasia and Severus really make me blush and fill me with joy, and I am happy that you like how the novel (gosh, I hadn't realised it was never-ending enough to be called an epic!! lol!) is evolving. Take care, and thanks again! My next post is in the queue since the 13th and the next chapter is in editing... should be out soon! :o)

ankka 2005.08.15 - 08:45PM 40: A new beginning (part 2) Signed
And the same for me! I'm with your story still, and i bet many more are =)

Author's Response: Thank you ankka! :o) this is very reassuring for me to know! I hope you are right!

Greyfalcon 2005.08.15 - 01:16PM 40: A new beginning (part 2) Signed
Story still going great and still very strongly and well written. Just wanted to give you a few kudos so you know I haven't quit reading. ;-)

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon *wiggles fingers* Thanks for your kind words, they warmed my heart! And indeed, it is great to know I still have not lost you! Take care! :o)

ankka 2005.08.06 - 09:28AM 39: A new beginning (part 1) Signed
And I thought I'd never ever read those vampire stories, but you left me reading the whole night... now that I catched up with all the events, i can only wait for you to update with yet another tale. I must say, i personnally liked the time in Hogwarts best, but let's see where the story leads...?

Author's Response: Hello ankka! Thanks for reading and reviewing; you cannot imagine how flattered I was to read that I kept you up the whole night! :o) And that you usually do not read vampire stories; I really tried to avoid the clichés... I am about to send my next chapter to editing... so more is coming soon! Take care!

Greyfalcon 2005.08.03 - 06:23PM 39: A new beginning (part 1) Signed
Another great chapter...good to see them slowly coming together again.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! :o) more is to come soon!

Mary Ella 2005.08.01 - 09:56PM 39: A new beginning (part 1) Signed
Another wonderful chapter from one of my favorite authors. I am so happy to see that there is still some hope for anastasia and Severus. While one realizes that it will be very hard for the two of them. I love how you made the point that while Anastasia has yet to, and may never, get over her terrible miscarriage she has room in her heart to forgive and go on in love. She is a bigger woman than I believe myself to be. Congratulations of the nomination, you deserve it! You have my vote!!!

Author's Response: Hello Mary Ella! Thank you for your kind words! I am glad to hear that the way the plot evolves meets your approval! And thank you for your vote! :o) (oh and by the way... it is Antanasia... not Anastasia! ;o))

Stuka 2005.07.31 - 09:19PM 39: A new beginning (part 1) Signed
That was fantastic! All the dancing around was making my head hurt...lol! I'm glad they finally made up. It's about damn time. And a penitent Snape is sexy. *Imagines all sorts of wicked things to do to a repenting Severus* mmm.....*drools* Pardon me....I must go fetch my bib.......

Author's Response: Hello dear! Thank you for your kind words! And I am glad that my "changed" Severus still has an interest for you, *wink* Take care!

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