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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

niklars 2005.06.19 - 03:08AM 33: The betrayal, part 1 Signed
Hello, again! This was lovely - the perfect chapter to read before you go to sleep at night. I'm looking forward to happy dreams. I haven't sent a review for quite a few chapters, but I continue reading this FAVORITE story and check for updates every day.

Author's Response: Hello niklars! So good to know you're still there! Thanks for your nice comments, they warmed my heart! :o) And they were neded! I will post the second part today! :o)

wytchkat 2005.06.16 - 12:52PM 33: The betrayal, part 1 Signed
really loked how you kept severus in charecter with the public affection issue. nice work.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comments! :o) They were greatly appreciated, as I really do my best to keep him in character the best I can! I am glad you appreciated! Take care!!!

Greyfalcon 2005.06.16 - 01:59AM 33: The betrayal, part 1 Signed
Excellent work once again, I enjoyed the scene where she had to drink Pettigrew's blood...and her disgust at having to do so...I also found it interesting that even Voldemorte seemed to realize that Pettigrew was below standards. ( though I am not sure standard is a very good way to put it)

Author's Response: Hello dearest! Thanks for sticking with me! Thank you for your nice comments; I liked writing about the whole Kiss scene. And about Pettigrew, given the way he treats him in the fourth book, I deduced that Voldemort does not have a high opinion of him!

musicdrink 2005.05.31 - 11:51PM 32: Azkaban (part 2) Signed
Good chapter. You have been dropping hints that Severus is very familiar with canite ways. Are you going to revel the soruce of his knowledge? Like part of his family tree?

Author's Response: Hello musicdrink! Thanks for the good words! Your hypothesis is interesting, but there will be no such revelations in the novel. Severus was not so familiar with the cainites' ways at the beginning of the novel (Remus was far more knowledgeable in comparison). The thing to understand in his better knowledge is that he has been doing some reading or asked questions around, because Antanasia became much more important for him. Take care:o)

wytchkat 2005.05.31 - 02:39AM 32: Azkaban (part 2) Signed
somehow,sevvie in a coffin just fits-this has been an awsome,intense chapter-have fun on vacation!

Author's Response: :o) Glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for your review... and good wishes!

Greyfalcon 2005.05.31 - 01:23AM 32: Azkaban (part 2) Signed
You do excellent battle scenes...I really enjoyed your descriptions. I am curious though on how she is going to handle Draco and the other children of death eaters after this.

Author's Response: Hello dear! Thanks for your nice comments! I particularly appreciate it, because all descriptive scenes, such as sexual or action ones, are tricky to write. It is easy to fall into the "he did this, she did that... and she did that afterwards" trap.... About Draco, I did think she would make a scene when she would recognise his father through him... but Antanasia, though emotional, can show self-control and strenght, so I do not think it would appropriate anymore (same thing for the other Death Eaters' children). Something will happen between Severus and Draco, though, later in the plot. Thanks again and take care! :o)

Stuka 2005.05.24 - 07:59PM 31: Azkaban (part 1) Signed
Oh dear sweet jesus.....*pauses, gasping* That was incredibly unbeleivably HOTTTTTTTT! *shivers, melts* Give me a moment to compose myself dear.... OK. That was so DELICIOUS! I love the naughty-want-her-but-I'll-be-damned-before-I-lose-this-bet Severus. And Vixen!Tasia was awesome as well. She just LET our dearest snarky bastard THINK he won, while cleverly backing him into a wager where she would win either way. *grins* *bows to La Reina de Harry Potter/Vampire fics*

Author's Response: Hello dearest Stuka! Thanks, as always, for your communicative enthusiasm and your authenticity! They put a *large* grin on my face and made me blush profusely! :o) The funny thing is... that this part of chapter 17 was originally intended as a training session only... and then only as a quickie... but as I told my editor, I just seem unable to write 2 pages quickies when it comes to Severus... LOL Severus is just a dish that has to be savoured bite after bite... not gulped down in one shot! :o) The bet was a last minute inspiration (while writing the training... I had the idea at the same time Tasia did, in a manner of speaking... she often finds ways to surprise even me!) and I am glad you liked the twist it gave to the scene! Take care and I hope part 2 will please you! :o) It will not be "hot" the same way, though... :o)

wytchkat 2005.05.23 - 10:19PM 31: Azkaban (part 1) Signed
the artful way you have of spinning a tale is truly enough to leave one breathless and wanting more. you are doing a vey good job on this story and I am impressed(almost)beyond words!

Author's Response: Hello wytchkat! Thanks for your comments; they really touched me and I appreciated them very, very much! Indeed, as the novel is really long (over 550 pages by now), I sometimes fear that I am going to "lose people" because of its lenght, so you telling me that you are still "on the edge" at times is very encouraging! Thanks and take care! :o)

Greyfalcon 2005.05.23 - 03:08PM 31: Azkaban (part 1) Signed
Wow! Very erotic indeed. I very much enjoyed this and your wirting is getting better with each chapter.

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon; your regular reviews are always so appreciated! I am glad you enjoyed this first part... and I hope you will like part 2 as well! :o)

greenwood 2005.05.18 - 07:45PM 30: I forgive... Signed
Wow! Very warm (or should I say H-O-T) and sensual love scene! Very well done! Your rich details had me glued to the screen. This story has such depth and richness. I enjoy the vampire flair in this plot. I am looking forward to the unfolding of the plot.

Author's Response: Hello again greenwood! :o) Thanks again for your kind words, they warmed my heart! I am happy to learn that I had you glued to your screen; sometimes I worry that my flow is not tense enough because of the lenght of my chapters. So thanks again for your encouragements and take care! :o)

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