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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

niklars 2005.04.15 - 01:20PM 23: The full moon came... (part 4) Signed
This was a beautiful chapter....the lovemaking scenes were very enjoyable...I think I'll make my husband read it :). As always, looking forward to your updates.

Author's Response: Hello niklars! Thank you *very* much for your review! It warms my heart as usual! If your husband reads it, why don't you make him leave a review? :o) Updates are coming; Chater 13 part 1 is going through editing and I am writing part 2 right now. Thanks for sticking with me!

Melpomene Erato 2005.04.14 - 01:26PM 23: The full moon came... (part 4) Signed
I'm guessing Snape will walk in ad find the clothes on the floor. Serves him right! Talk about playing hard to get with her!

Author's Response: Hello! :o) I am afraid your guess did not target what will happen, though. It might have been a possibility, but quite frankly, if Severus had walked in and found the clothes, he would certainly not have humiliated himself by giving any sign of anger; it would have been admitting his defeat and we all know he is totally allergic to that. However, take my most sincere word on this; he is going to play it very, very hard... especially towards chapter 14... ;o) Thanks for your comments!

Greyfalcon 2005.04.13 - 02:26PM 22: The full moon came... (part 3) Signed
The two chapters I just read were excellent though I must admit I not too fond of Remus....but that is because I like Severus's character so much.

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon! Thank you for your nice comments! :o) I knew that this part of the plot might not please everybody (e.g., those of you who are not fond of Remus the way I am). However, I just want you guys to keep in mind that the story was posted on Occlumency for an obvious reason... I am most confident that the two next chapters will make you forgive my momentary detour through Remus' arms! Thank you nevertheless for sticking with me all the same; it means a lot to me!!

Greyfalcon 2005.04.07 - 03:42PM 21: The full moon came... (part 2) Signed
This story continues to hold my interest and your style of writing continues to excell.

Author's Response: Greyfalcon, my dear! I did miss your comments, I feared that I had lost your interest, on the contrary, and felt a bit sad about it! :o) I am glad that you still appreciate my work and I thank you for your kind comments! :o) Take care!

niklars 2005.04.06 - 02:57PM 20: The full moon came... (part 1) Signed
Another wonderful chapter, thank-you! I am a bit worried about Remus, though. Of course I want Snape to get the girl (because if I was the girl, I'd want Snape to get me!), but I don't want to see Remus have his heart broken! Great job describing the transformation werewolves make. As usual, anxiously awaiting your update!

Author's Response: Dear niklars! Hello! Great to have you back! :o) Thank you for your generous comments, they warm my heart! to be honest with you, I feel exactly the same... I am worried about Remus, too; he is such a sweet soul, just so loveable! Not to mention kissable... ;o) Part two is in queue! Be patient, we're almost there! (and I am writing part 3 as we speak!) Take care my dear and thank you again!

cardigrl 2005.04.05 - 06:58PM 20: The full moon came... (part 1) Signed
Hi--Hope you don't mind a second review, but just wanted to follow up on your comments. I obviously wasn't clear in my first note. I was thnking Dumbledore was trying to matchmake with Antanasia and Remus. Glad to hear I missed the boat. (g) And I was suspecting your Snape thinks Remus can at least give him a run for his money. I can see Snape's being really annoyed with her over the coffin scene: first, because she interrupts him, which is apparently a hot button with him; and second, because he suspects how much headway Remus has made. I have kind of wondered whether part of the difference in Snape's attitude from the early chapters was a bit of Stockholm syndrome. Any validity to any of this? And of course, a combination of insecurity, pigheadedness and overall cold feet. Got to love him, huh? (g) And, just in case I missed it before: I very much enjoy this story. You have quite a knack with descriptions, especially. It makes me feel like I'm there. Anxiously awaiting that second chapter half!

Author's Response: Hello cardgirl! Of course I don't mind you reviewing again, it's always nice to have feedback and see what impact my plot has in people's minds. Here are my comments on your thoughts. Dumbledore's real intentions, nobody knows! But he certainly knew that something would happen if he sent Antanasia to Remus. Remember, however, that because of what happened when Severus was becoming a Death Eater, Dumbledore and him have talked together about Antanasia... and Dumbledore encouraged him to go to Zaharia. As for the Stockholm syndrome and Severus' attitude... I would definitely not describe his reaction change that way. Severus is just being Severus. It took him a *lot* of time and an execution before he finally softened and talked to her with an open heart. And after all, he did not die, what an unpleasant surprise, for him! Quite difficult to deal with her now that he let her see that part of him. In addition, he is indebted to her, and you can imagine that he does not like that! So what does he do, in the good Severus he is? He snaps right back into his shell and he is even openly angry with her, sometimes in a calculated fashion, sometimes not... but he starts to see that he will definitely lose her if Remus marks too many points... yet he got cold feet and he is indeed insecure, just like you said. About your last comments, thank you very, very much! Part 2 is on the way! :o)

cardigrl 2005.04.05 - 12:19AM 20: The full moon came... (part 1) Signed
Happy to see an update! Somebody's looking a little green in this chapter, yes? Poor Dumbledore--he's working so hard at matchmaking and Antanasia's subconscious just is not cooperating with him. Nice job with Remus, even though I don't really care much for the character as a rule. But we're talking Snape withdrawal here.

Author's Response: Hello cardgirl! Thanks for your review! Just a few little things I want to say, though... Dumbledore is no matchmaker in the novel; he would not have sent Antanasia to Grimmauld Place if he wanted her so much with Severus. He is very aware of what is going on, though, and is amused by human nature's knack of not making things always crystal clear for everybody. If you asked Dumbledore what he thinks, he would only tell her to let her make her choice, because I don't think he would prefer Severus to Remus and vice versa... but knows that Remus and Antanasia "can benefit from each other's presence." As for Antanasia, Severus is sending her mixed messages and he is difficult to deal with; he offers quite a contrast with the behavior he displayed in Zaharia. In my mind, Remus is quite a fair opponent for Severus in that game, and Severus knows it... ;-) And Remus is not a fool either... he also sees what is going on. :o) Maybe part 2 will clarify a few things, too! :o)

mystykblue 2005.03.29 - 04:30PM 19: A house with whispering walls (part 2) Signed
I wasn't going to read this story believing it to be another attempt to vampirize Snape but after a paragraph or two I realized how well written it was and how beautiful the descriptions of landscapes and histories were.I also appreciate the depth of the various character's personalities.I thought I'd mind the emphasis on external characters but I grew to enjoy them and I've yet to see Snape OOC. It has been three hours since I began reading and I find I could read for three more.Thank you for an enjoyable story.This is my first review.

Author's Response: Hello mystykblue! Your comments really made my day; thank you! I am very, very happy that you enjoyed my story and the OC part of the story. Three hours? I did not realise that my novel was that long already (but then it has 300 pages, so far, so...)! Really, I will keep your kind words in my heart! Keep reading, I will update soon! :o) (every week)

niklars 2005.03.29 - 11:24AM 19: A house with whispering walls (part 2) Signed
Excellent chapter! A few grammatical errors, but no matter. It's nice to have Severus taking care of Anastasia instead of being so cold towards her. I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops.

Author's Response: Hello niklars! Thank you for your very kind comments, they warm my heart! :o) My chapters are very carefully edited, here, before they get posted. However, when there are too few mistakes, they get posted first, then my editor sends me the little corrections I have to make. I have made the changes this morning (Tuesday, Montreal time), but the chapters were posted yesterday, so if you read the chapter before this morning, the errors might have been still there and they have been corrected now. If you read it later today and there are still mistakes, please tell me, but in a personal email: zaharia_celestina@hotmail.com. Thank you! :o)

niklars 2005.03.29 - 10:45AM 18: A house with whispering walls (part 1) Signed
This is a really great story! So detailed...I'm enjoying it very much. I noticed a few grammatical errors/misses, but I'm not sure if you're interested in that kind of feedback. If you are, reply to this review and I'll be happy to point them out. If not, I still love the story! :)

Author's Response: Hello again! it is always nice to hear that you love the story even if it is detailed. Once again, I had to stop the chapter before the events after which I thought it would end... there is so much to say! :o) So I am glad I do not bore you to tears, even if the story is long! I am working on chapter 12; the plot for chapters 12-13 is already written, so that will help me give you a chapter a week and believe me, a lot is about to happen... ;-) thanks for your kind words! (as for the grammar, see my other reply)

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