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Reviews for One Wish Alone Have I

Silverthreads 2005.03.11 - 02:25PM 13: The execution (part 2) Signed
Well. this has to be my avorite chapter by far!

Author's Response: :o) Thank you! I am glad you loved it!

Greyfalcon 2005.03.10 - 01:32AM 11: Life is made of choices... so is afterlife (part 2) Signed
Your story continues to have many interesting twists and turns, from the passionate to the political, I continue to look forward to your updates.

Author's Response: Hi Greyfalcon! It is always nice to have your comments, thank you again! I am happy that the political discussions sound a)convincing and b) not too boring! :o) Have a nice day!

Greyfalcon 2005.03.08 - 07:47PM 9: The summer feast (part 2) Signed
Another great chapter..very descriptive. As for why I said an odd turn of phrase, the English used is very correct,almost too correct as in it is very formal at times which sits well within the framework of the story as the characters are very old being vampires or aristocratic in nature. Also every once in a while the tense of a word is nto one usually used in a native born speaker an example is in the answer you gave me in your last reply " She corrects the little mistake I make" instead of " the little mistakes I make". Again, not a major thing and hardly noticable, but it does give the words a bit of an accent. Which is why I was wondering if it was on purpose since it is hardly noticable and the story is set in Romania. In fact, I probably wouldn't have noticed at all except I am a teacher and have been one for a number of years. I do hope you don't take this as a criticism in any way, I have thoroughly enjoyed what you have written, and the fact that the way it is written gives the story a slight accent to me makes it even more enjoyable as I can hear the words of Anatasia in my mind.. speaking English with a slight European accent. But I was curious if the accent I was "hearing" was on purpose or if the writer of the story was in fact European in origin.

Author's Response: Hello again Greyfalcon; thanks for making your point more precise to me. I am relieved that the particularities you were referring to did not disrupt the flow too much for you. It was not done on purpose, as Antanasia is not Romanian in origin, but if it helps set the mood for you, then it makes me happy! As far as mistakeS are concerned, though... The name of my main character is Antanasia (not Atanasia or Anatasia), but I guess we all make typos from time to time (he he he)! :o) Take care darling!

Greyfalcon 2005.03.08 - 03:52PM 8: The summer feast (part 1) Signed
Interesting chapter, I like how you continue to develop your characters in yuor story, I am curious though, maybe it is the teacher in me, but I noticed that from time to time you have an odd turn of phrase with Atanasia. Is this on purpose to give more flavor or is it a culture difference with myself being an American?

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments! An odd turn of phrase with Antanasia... what do you mean with "odd" and what does "odd" refer to? I am myself Francophone; that might explain some oddities, though my chapters are very carefully reviewed by one of this site's administrators, and her native language is English... she does correct the little mistake I make... So please, could you elaborate?

Author's Response: Oh... and I use the U.K. corrector... it does make a difference on some words or turns of phrase, from time to time... maybe that is the kind of thing you are referring to?

Greyfalcon 2005.03.07 - 08:04PM 7: Trapped (part 2) Signed
The story continues to hold my interest with each chapter, please continue the good work.

Author's Response: :o) Hello again Greyfalcon! Thank you for your comments; they warm up my heart each time!

Silverthreads 2005.03.07 - 07:37PM 7: Trapped (part 2) Signed
Despite all the vampires (I am not very fond of vampire stories for philosophical reasons) this is quite good and I am enjoying it.

Author's Response: Thank you Silverthreads! I am happy that my novel could, maybe, change your feelings a bit towards vampires! Ironically, I did make an effort to make them more philosophical. All these years of immortality must serve a purpose, no? :o) Thank you for taking the time to drop me a note!

cardigrl 2005.03.06 - 09:06AM 4: You cannot serve two masters at once (part 1) Signed
This is an intriguing plot. It's enjoyable to see a story outside Hogwarts, especially one as well written as this. Antanasia appears as interesting as Snape, and it's always good to see a competent _mature_ character to stand up to him. I take it that the flashes she gets from him are when his emotions override his barriers, or is he intentionally allowing access?

Author's Response: Hi cardgirl! Thank you for your nice review! :o) You are the first to comment on Antanasia and I am very happy to learn that you like her. You will discover many sides of her as the story unravels. I wanted to create a different character than the usual woman-in-trouble or woman-less-competent-than-him, you know what I mean? About your question, well... that is a part of the mystery! Keep checking; my other chapters are being edited right now! :o)

Greyfalcon 2005.03.05 - 05:11PM 4: You cannot serve two masters at once (part 1) Signed
Interesting story, I do hope you decide to continue it

Author's Response: Hello Greyfalcon! Thank you very much for your comment! I do continue to update the story each week. I have 8 chapters so far (about 190 Word format pages), but it is going through very competent editing here... so you should see them appear one after the other every two days or so, until we are able to catch up and post chapter 8! Take care and enjoy your reading! :o)

ZahariaCelestina 2005.03.04 - 04:56PM 1: Arrival at the castle Signed
Hello darling! You might want to reread it, just in case! ;o) I have done quite a lot of editing and I am very happy with the result!

Yabo 2005.03.04 - 03:23PM 1: Arrival at the castle Signed
Yeah, I was hoping you would move this here! Glad to see you girl!

Author's Response: Ah, que stupida! I had not seen the "respond" link! Thanks a second time, Yabo! Always great to have your feedback!

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