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For the Greater Good by peskipiksi [Reviews - 2]
Snape and Malfoy resort to desperate measures when Dumbledore is offered the Minister for Magic post in the wake of Voldemort's downfall. Non HBP and DH compliant. B rating for language in later chapters.

Genres: Drama, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Character Death, Suicide, HBP Spoilers, Implied Character Death, DH Spoilers
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Original Character, Ron Weasley
Rating: B Chapters: 10
Published: 2008.05.30 Updated: 2012.07.20
Word Count: 18856 Completed: Yes

For The Order (The Things I Do...) by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 9]
As a follow-up to my story "I Have Many Skills" Snape and Tonks find themselves on another mission for the Order. Who knew spywork could have such fringe benefits?!

SS/Canon > Het
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Friendship, Porn Without Plot
Warnings: none
Characters: N. Tonks, Severus Snape
Rating: L Chapters: 1
Published: 2004.07.05 Updated: 2004.07.05
Word Count: 1332 Completed: No

For the Sake of Argument by shadowycat [Reviews - 3]
In the months since the Battle of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall has tried to go on with her life despite losing so many people she cared for. Before beginning a new school term, she decides to take her usual holiday by the sea to gather her strength, but someone else has different plans for her and things do not go as she expects.

SS/Canon > Het
Genres: Romance, Friendship
Warnings: none
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Rating: S Chapters: 1
Published: 2009.05.24 Updated: 2009.05.24
Word Count: 7235 Completed: Yes

For Tomorrow We May Die by Razzberry [Reviews - 320]
Abandoned. The continuing story of a man who is letting go of the past, learning what is important in the present. A story of passions and friendships and sorrows, triumphs and failures. No fluffy babies, but hopefully a fair bit of emotion.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Friendship
Warnings: none
Characters: Remus Lupin, Original Character, Severus Snape
Rating: L Chapters: 62
Published: 2004.10.06 Updated: 2005.11.28
Word Count: 291650 Completed: No

For Young Severus Is There by Owlbait [Reviews - 5]
When dealing with the Fey it is best to keep your bargains. A Snapeish telling of the Tam Lin tale.

SS/Canon > Het
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape, Other Canon Character (female)
Rating: W Chapters: 2
Published: 2011.12.08 Updated: 2011.12.20
Word Count: 7033 Completed: Yes

Four Christmases by Squibstress [Reviews - 0]
Minerva attempts to teach Severus Occlumency and perhaps something more.

Genres: Angst
Warnings: none
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape
Rating: B Chapters: 1
Published: 2013.02.03 Updated: 2013.02.09
Word Count: 7439 Completed: Yes

Friday by phoenix [Reviews - 7]
Severus Snape faces yet another Friday at Hogwarts. Set during Order the Phoenix. One shot.

Genres: General
Warnings: none
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: C Chapters: 1
Published: 2005.02.15 Updated: 2005.02.16
Word Count: 747 Completed: Yes

From the Journal of Severus Snape by jessicadamien [Reviews - 40]
We take a peek into the private thoughts and musings of Severus Snape. The story begins just as Harry Potter and his gang begin their fourth year at Hogwarts.

Porn Without Plot
Genres: Romance, Porn Without Plot
Warnings: none
Rating: L Chapters: 13
Published: 2005.10.31 Updated: 2007.07.26
Word Count: 51805 Completed: Yes

From the Shack to Quiescence by beaweasley2 [Reviews - 7]
*** This story Contains DH Spoilers ***

This is an alternate plausible possibility in the story of Severus Snape regarding how the events unfolded in the Shrieking Shack and the outcome of a single act of kindnesses to a broken hero.

Twenty-two years of his life had been given over to following the desires of another; seventeen of them as Dumbledore’s man, which meant he served two masters as a servant, spy and pawn. Who could blame Severus for seeking solitude, inactivity and a life with peace, quiet and rest? Quiescence.

Carefully weaving the events begun in the Elder Wand, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, (Scholastic Press, NY, 2007) pages 658-660 and evolving this into a story of survival, honor, abeyance and quiescence for a broken hero.

Genres: General, Drama, Friendship, Alternate Universe
Warnings: DH Spoilers
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Lily Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Voldemort/Tom Riddle, Harry Potter
Rating: S Chapters: 1
Published: 2007.08.13 Updated: 2007.08.16
Word Count: 6255 Completed: Yes

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