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Reviews for For the Greater Good

MadAlice 2012.07.19 - 04:29PM 3: Conspiracy Theories Signed
Chapter 3 of this story is missing from the site (in case you didn't know...)

Author's Response: The lovely admins say it's back now :)

Trickie Woo 2008.05.31 - 11:45PM 1: The New Minister. Signed
I wondered why this seemed familiar, then i read your note at the end. I first saw Julis Caesar many years ago when I was in the 9th grade (I think). The local movie theater had agreed to screen it for my school. It was the 1953 version with Marlon Brando as Marc Antony and James Mason as Brutus. Neither one of them was a favorite of mine but I was fascinated by the story. I don't mind Dumbledore dying, he's a very old man after all, but I hate that I know already that Snape will die. I wish he were in the Marc Antony role rather than Harry, he deserves the respect that JKR never showed him, to survive the war, and some happiness in his life

Author's Response: I know, I hated killing off Snape too, but I will say he dies with dignity as befits him! He had to be Brutus - the ultimate stoic and willing to risk anything to protect others. Harry had to be Mark A - manically pro-Caesar and refusing to believe anything bad of him. Chapter 2 explains exactly why Dumbledore should die.

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