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Reviews for For Tomorrow We May Die

Lill Snape 2008.09.26 - 05:26PM 21: Chapter 21: The World Falls Apart Signed
I give up - maybe I should just resign myself to reading the reviews from the floor, the author wrote: "Severus really does have all the tact of a slug." I laughed so hard at this point, I had to get away from the computer screen. Too funny!! I just can not leave this trilogy. I am so disappointed that it is marked as "abandoned". However, with 60 chapters (or so) it has to have come close to completion, time will tell. Thanks for sharing.

MimiManderly 2006.08.26 - 10:33PM 58: Chapter 58: Too Many Words Signed
*Sighs heavily and pinches bridge of nose* Snape getting women pregnant in fanfics is really getting to be cliche. He's a POTIONS MASTER. I'm fairly certain he would take precautions.

MimiManderly 2006.08.22 - 09:30PM 44: Chapter 44: Or Die Trying Signed
I laughed out loud reading this chapter! Severus is so cute when he's exasperated. (Yes, I know he would detest being called cute. Nonetheless.....)

MimiManderly 2006.08.18 - 09:58PM 30: Chapter 30: Something Worth Living For Signed
Well done! I loved the dialogue between Snape and Lupin about war. It's very well thought out and believable.

morrigan 2006.07.02 - 10:08PM 35: Chapter 35: To Paris Signed
I love this story - but you are being so terribly unkind to the french - and that's coming from a brit! they all speak fluent fantastic english - and make us feel very thick about it. Give them some credit.

sephone 2006.05.18 - 02:34PM 8: Chapter 7: The Fruits of Hades Signed
Well I for one enjoyed the jaunt through mythos of the past (obviously). Though I doubt you will get this, it being several books behind what you are working on, I thought i would leave a note anyway. i will have you know that i intended to read a nice unique werewolf registration/segrigation piece however after about 5? chapters of that i found myself buried in "still waters" and then "bittersweet" and now here i am in "for tomorrow" and still trying to fill in the blanks before my nosy nature will allow me to go back and pursue the fate of poor remus. my own hades may just kill me for putting off everything i've been supposed to be doing in the real world while i have been immersed ni yours instead. Just thought you might enjoy the thought that your talent and the fruits of your labour have derailed yet another junkie from their RL obligations. *grin* 'sephone.

NoxSomnium 2006.04.22 - 12:08AM 15: Chapter 14: Nobody Gets Left Behind Signed
Rereading this (sort of)[bits and pieces] I don't know that you ever tell us why he flinches away from touch. Do tell?

NoxSomnium 2006.02.13 - 11:01PM 28: Chapter 28: The More Things Change Signed
You've convinced me. I want to read NMNB again. And it was so good it wasn't a difficult task. Fun fun fun! I should be mad at you for claiming that Remus isn't perfect, however, I suppose I will admit that he is close to it while being human. Okay fine. He isn't perfect. Bah. :)

NoxSomnium 2006.02.13 - 09:32PM 24: Chapter 24: Missing Scenes Signed
*bites nails* Good for Harry!

NoxSomnium 2006.02.13 - 04:28PM 12: Chapter 11: When to Make a Sacrifice Signed
There he is. I can't play chess either. Well, I can I suppose, I'm just no good at it.

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