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Reviews for For The Order (The Things I Do...)

loreleirocks 2006.05.27 - 05:27PM 1: At My Doorstep Signed
Hey! Right, I promised that I would leave a quick review as soon as I had posted my translation of "For The Order", so there we are. I found that constant doorframe carressing, terribly indecent after a while. Hum. And it's obvious Tonks lost all ability to form coherent thought from that single detail. Right, more seriously, I quite liked the way that it's actually a trick of her mind forcing Tonks into dreams about Snape. And not really happening. I really enjoyed translating "I hav many skills" and "For the Order". That was lovely of you to allow me! (And you know I'm planning on doing more) Well, just one more thing. Shame you didn't write more Snape/Tonks...

Author's Response: Thanks, darlin! btw, we are totally looking to do an international show on snapecast at some point. I hope you will be available to discuss translating fics and the Snape fandom in France/french speaking countries. xox

gryffindor 2006.02.09 - 04:57PM 1: At My Doorstep Signed
I can see how that pic inspired you :D (thanx for the link *drools* ) Good job! I like your style (and S/T fics...)

seventonks 2006.01.31 - 08:26PM 1: At My Doorstep Signed
please please update soon! i love s/t stories and i can't find many *sniff* plus your writing is marvelous (i know by experience, having read some of your other stories too)

Happy Bunny 2004.10.11 - 03:36AM 1: At My Doorstep Anonymous
Will there ever be an update??!!?

Author's Response: I am considering making this a one-shot. If I do, I'll make a note. If I wind up having the time to complete it, you'll see the updates come fast and furious. Sorry I can't tell you more!!! Graduate school has got me by the, er, quill...

Padfoot 2004.09.24 - 01:46PM 1: At My Doorstep Anonymous
Great read and a great picture too.

Author's Response: Thanks.

potionmistress60 2004.08.29 - 11:48AM 1: At My Doorstep Anonymous
I was picturing that wonderful Snape photo in my mind too, as I read your opening. Whew! (fanning self). As always, love your fic. Tonks and Snape - The Wizarding World's Sexiest Couple!

Author's Response: Gawd, I wish more people would write Snape/Tonks! Aren't they just the sexiest together?

aramintasnape 2004.07.20 - 05:57PM 1: At My Doorstep Signed
yummy! And I quite understand how you were inspired by that picture, lol!

Author's Response: Heh, heh. Weren't we ALLLLL......

Rach 2004.07.16 - 05:48PM 1: At My Doorstep Anonymous
Fantastic job, Gina. Snape/Tonks has been one of my new favorite ships since OotP came out and there is sooooooo little S/T fic out there. ::sits and patiently waits for the next chapter::

Author's Response: Oooh, I hope you're patient! I am edging closer to writing more. Damn graduate school demands...

cattle chips 2004.07.07 - 07:00PM 1: At My Doorstep Anonymous
Loved it! I'm absolutely obsessed with Snape/Tonks fanfics and this one is really good. Update soon please. ^_^

Author's Response: :Begs another reader for patience: I must say, visiting these reviews is encouraging. . .

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