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Reviews for For Young Severus Is There

SataiDelenn 2012.10.11 - 04:21PM 2: If You Would Your True Love Win Signed
Oh, I truly enjoyed this! Very well done! I really feared for him at the hands of the Queen, and I'm glad that he was finally able to get away. I also didn't quite place Lily at first, lol. Once I realized who she was, though, lol, wow. I can just imagine Harry's thoughts and feelings. Disbelief that Severus is alive, pleased that he's alive, and definitely pissed off that Severus has "defiled" his "little girl," lol. But it does give Severus such sweet revenge on Potter, lol. I love it!

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. It's wonderful to hear how people react to different bits.

DelphiPsmith 2012.04.19 - 12:13AM 2: If You Would Your True Love Win Signed
Brrrr. I hope they keep the child out of the Forest. Something tells me the Queen will be looking for revenge... Very nice adaptation of the old song, well done.

Author's Response: Sev has a whole new life ahead of him now, and I'm betting he's putting Scotland far behind him. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

DelphiPsmith 2012.04.19 - 12:08AM 1: The End of the War Signed
Your hair looks practically elven, and your nose reminds me of an old lover, who pleased me greatly. LOL! Great line :) Very clever how you got him hre; I can't wait to see how Severus will get out of this one.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm seeing the Queen having dallied with some Roman soldier stationed in far Albion a few generations back :-) If you know the story I'm retelling, you know he'll need help.

Very Small Prophet 2011.12.15 - 11:59PM 1: The End of the War Signed
What a sad tale. If Severus had died, at least he'd be free (I always imagine his afterlife as entirely lacking in Gryffindors, bearing in mind that Lily at nine was not yet a Gryffie), but here he is, enslaved again. His slavery to the Fairie Queen may be physically pleasant, but it's against his will all the same. The Queen cares no more for him as a person than did Voldemort and Dumbledore. Being a glorified dildo is not the same thing as being loved. Severus continues as a tool to be used, until his mistress has no more use for him. Then, if he's lucky (but when is he ever lucky?), he'll be allowed to return to Earth to die, and escape from bondage at last.

Author's Response: You can't begrudge poor Sev the chance to rest up and enjoy dildo duties for a while.

Moira of the Mountain 2011.12.11 - 11:55AM 1: The End of the War Signed
Somehow this fate seems just as dreadful. I suspect he will someday sicken from the pleasures of this place and pray to truly die. When he does, perhaps the Lady will show mercy and give him leave to finally go through the Veil.

Author's Response: This is the unseelie court, she's not a nice lady. Still, I'd put my faith in Sev ;-)

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