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Reviews for Yes, but...

Tricorvus 2010.12.07 - 08:51PM 9: Nine Signed
I love the way you started this chapter; She awoke with a jerk literally & figuratively. LOL . Then you put in a sly fellatio joke. Very nice. Me likey naughty Snapey!

jaderook 2010.07.25 - 01:48AM 9: Nine Signed
Oh my God! This fic is fantastic. And here I was, thinking there were no marriage law type fics out there that were even remotely tolerable. I was in fits. The humor level, the characterization of Tonks, especially. I love it.

tigerlily2 2008.02.23 - 04:28AM 9: Nine Signed
Oh God, I almost died laughing with the quidditch euphemisms. Great job!

Stella Stargazer 2006.09.07 - 11:09AM 9: Nine Anonymous
Just found this chapter when looking for updates. Brilliant -- Tonks as Juliet in the tomb (but does that make Severus Romeo?) Enjoying it very much.

Author's Response: WOOT! You know, I think you're the only one I've heard who got that reference - or at least admitted to it. Awesome :)

minthepsychic 2006.08.08 - 11:09PM 9: Nine Signed
I love this story, and I want you to finish it. Pretty please. Kudos for the continued characterization, and Snape using soap on his hair. Oh, yes, I do love juxtaposition.

Author's Response: LOL - thanks. Just so you know, there's a new update up.

Norbert 2006.08.06 - 12:44PM 9: Nine Anonymous
Great Story! Truly, please respond to this when you update so that I'll be alerted when there is more. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you very much - the latest update is here :)

An 2006.07.30 - 09:14PM 9: Nine Anonymous
You write very well and I love your story so far. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you - updated :)

crayzfreak 2006.07.20 - 07:45PM 9: Nine Signed
please, I don't care that it's not canon anymore, it's awesome, write more!!

Author's Response: LOL - As requsted, more has been written.

ishie 2006.07.04 - 12:07AM 9: Nine Anonymous
No! Not fair! Am hopelessly addicted to Marriage Law fic! Need more not-total-evil-bastard Snape! Er, that is. Will there be more, ma'am?

Author's Response: Thank you :) Yes, there will be more. I've some written and more to go.

morrigan 2006.06.26 - 10:28PM 9: Nine Signed
finish it, damn you!

Author's Response: o_Patience is a virtue.

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