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Reviews for Yes, but...

rdb1975 2006.02.15 - 03:20PM 9: Nine Signed
*BWAAA HA HA HA HA! Sigger, snort, Wheez* Oh wow, I needed that. I nearly wet my pants when I saw that you updated. This is one of my absolute favorites and I thought that like most of the others it was doomed to remain unfinished. I would send brownies or flowers for another update, but I'm stuck inthe middle east till July. Will hummos and falafel be alright? I promise no sheep head and stomach soup. (And yes, they really do eat that here. I saw it in the kitchen at lunch time, did a U-turn and didn't come back out of my room until well after dark) More please! (story, that is)

Author's Response: Hummus and falafel? *Drool* Yes, that'll do in a pinch, I suppose. (We can skip the sheep head and stomach soup, though...)

Thank you for reviewing! I'm working on the latest update now :)

girl_interrupted 2006.02.15 - 12:47PM 9: Nine Signed
This is totally wick fic and very funny (love snape humor!!!) so it only right that you update this top story soon! please :-)

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm certainly working on it.

maudite 2006.02.09 - 03:42AM 9: Nine Signed
I just discovered this story, and it's charming my socks off. Considering that my fondness for socks rivals Dumbledore's, that's no mean feat. I love all your characterizations -- they're absolutely spot on, and for once I get to see a Tonks who actually behaves like an auror with a goofy sense of humor, rather than an insecure adolescent prone to bursting into tears. It's a breath of fresh air, dammit. I do hope the twins aren't too upset that the happy couple missed their appointment.

Author's Response: *Blushes* Thank you for this wonderful response! I'm glad the characterizations work for you -- and do you mean to say that you've actually read stories where Tonks burst into tears? Without hexing off the bollocks of the bloke responsible? I shudder at the thought.

Don't worry about the appointment with the twins; they haven't missed it. It's set for later this evening (story time).

Joyce 2006.02.06 - 09:16AM 9: Nine Signed
That was so funny!!!!!!!! Of course they don't do ballet, silly me!!!!!

Author's Response: You never know with Heffalumps... ;)

brooke 2006.02.04 - 01:03AM 9: Nine Signed
I was so glad to see the update. I really missed this story. U even said a short prayer hoping it wasn't abandond. This chapter made me laugh so hard I had tears and my children and husband thought I lost it.

Author's Response: Hehe, sorry to have concerned the husband and children :) And nope, the story will not be abandoned.

dforlove 2006.02.03 - 09:41PM 9: Nine Signed
I stumbled across this story a good time ago, and have checked for updates occasionally. I found this new chapter, and I'm ecstatic. It's wonderfully witty, and that makes it addicting. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the next chapter (and the next, and the next... hahaha)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Sigune 2006.02.03 - 06:10AM 9: Nine Signed
Eeeeeheeheeheehee! You're back, and how! I could try and sum up all the bits I like about this chapter, but they'd fill a whole page. Suffice it to say I'm happy Chapter Nine showed up and look forward to more verbal duels between Tonks and Snape... Dear me, what a marriage that will be :D...

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks!

kimilynn 2006.02.02 - 11:50PM 9: Nine Signed
Very funny. I'm looking forward to reading more....

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm looking forward to writing more ;)

uchethegirl 2006.02.02 - 10:06PM 9: Nine Signed
Plz. Write. Mor. /Pathetic review whine This is that good, yes, it's got me whining. You just - you just characterise EVERYBODY so. Damn. Well. If I didn't like your story, I'd have to kill you. Mind you, I'd probably ressurrect you just so you could continue. Writing, that is.

Author's Response: o_O. I'm a little freaked out by this actually... and VERY glad you liked the story, considering I'd prefer to skip the killing me bit if at all possible. I mean, yes, there's always resurrection, but rigor mortis would really interfere with my typing (and it's difficult enough already) and then there's the distinct possibility of bits and pieces (like fingers) falling off... and I'm afraid I'd have to stop and sew them back on... and I just think it would increase my update lag exponentially. Which you wouldn't like. Therefore, it's better to skip the killing. ... *Backs away slowly*

Black Spot 2006.02.02 - 01:07AM 9: Nine Signed
This is like Little Miss Clumsy with Mr Repressed Tight-Arse. Very amusing.

Author's Response: Oh no! Not the Black Spot! A pirate's death sentance! Glad you're amused :)

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