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Reviews for Quantum Mechanics

NJ Dryad 2012.10.20 - 04:28PM 87: The Mechanics of Recovery Signed
The way Voldemort treats Severus is so much like the way Dumbledore does: Torture him endlessly, make endless, unreasonable demands on him, then say, "Well, I guess you did the best you could. Now go away and leave me alone." Did you intend the parallel to be that blatant?

nagandsev 2012.05.22 - 06:39AM 87: The Mechanics of Recovery Signed
Mmmmn... love the 'loving healing'--nothing like old magic to truly heal-- lovely intimate touch and recovery--and it's Septima's power of love and healing that is the magic touch, Sev, no other!

Author's Response: It's one of those things. He can rediscover himself through her because of everything they share. He knows at some level that they couldn't do this without a strong marriage, but he can't admit it to himself. Thank you, as always!

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