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Reviews for Project: Potions_Master

tomo 2009.09.28 - 02:28PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
That was absolutely hysterical! You had me in fits of laughter. Very well done!

Bella_Portia 2009.03.07 - 07:59PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
Hysterically funny, really well planned out and clever; wonderful imagery. You nailed Samantha's character (I'm a huge SATC fan). Moreover, the "profiles" of her sisters were right on; and Severus's reactions were really funny. This was a marvelous story.

MissingGreen 2008.08.14 - 08:19PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
I actually like this story.. but I couldn't remember who Samantha Jones was until I looked it up.. and I have to say, I've always liked that character, but the actress I despise. *giggles* So it did very well and I liked it very much, thankies.

TheGreatOracle 2008.07.05 - 10:56AM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
Super cool! :p wonderful story!

TheGreatOracle 2008.07.05 - 10:36AM 3: Phase Three - Launch Signed
OMG! This is extremely hilarious...Snape is so funny asking about emoticons and that >:-( really suited him. Heehee :p

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.05 - 04:41PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
Oh my! This is the funniest story I've read for a long time. There are tears running down my face. Samantha and Snape. This is hilarious! Great job!

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 04:34PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
Interesting touch allowing the internet within the walls of Hogwarts. I like the way this played out, even with the distance at the end of it. They truly don't fit within each other's world, but that doesn't mean they can't share a little time together. Nicely done.

darkdesire 2008.01.22 - 08:07PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
I adored it! Especially the emails. Very refreshing.

potterverse 2007.11.24 - 07:52AM 1: Phase One - Countdown Signed
To quote TBS, "Very funny." I really like the Samantha concept, but I think Severus and Miranda would have hit it off, too. Thanks for the laugh!

december 2007.10.23 - 05:39PM 6: Phase Six - Splashdown Signed
Very funny. Snape with a computer is a good idea that leads in all sorts of directions. Loved the bit about Sibyl's bracelets sounding like "a percussion section rolling downhill". LOLed! What are we here for, if not to get our favorite Potions Master laid now and then?

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