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Reviews for Potions and Pomegranates

MissMetal47 2010.12.30 - 07:43PM 12: Forbidden Fruit Signed
i really love this story! you really have created a wonderful character. i adore her, and i hope you update soon! actually, i beg you to update!

Author's Response: Hi, there. This story is available in full on my fanfiction.net account, under my same penname. I don't think I'll be updating it here any longer, I'm afraid. But thank you very much for your interest! tonksinger

sevvy 2009.03.09 - 03:01PM 12: Forbidden Fruit Signed
How lovely to see this back up here on Occlumency (it's one of my favourite fics!) I recently reviewed some of your other stuff on other sites & mentioned this there so I'm so glad you're now updating it :-)

Author's Response: I remember you mentioning this--thanks for liking it! I'm going to try to update a bit more often--maybe ever few weeks or so. It's already written, so I have no excuse.

Rose of the West 2009.03.09 - 10:54AM 12: Forbidden Fruit Signed
Oh, how wonderful! He's trying to stay professional and she's pushing at him for all she's worth. He's going to have to strengthen his resolve a lot more than that to get to the end of the school year, I think.

Author's Response: Poor Severus. Fighting both your own libido and that of a young woman can be no small task.

morgaine_dulac 2008.12.31 - 10:18AM 11: Love Potion No. 9 Signed
"It smelled like turpentine, it looked like Indian ink" ... love that song :-) Just as much as I love your story. Oh the tension! Lovely! See you next year! /M

Author's Response: Thank you! Happy new year to you as well!

Rose of the West 2008.12.27 - 01:37PM 11: Love Potion No. 9 Signed
I was thinking of this story this morning and wondering if he would figure it out soon. Some of the most romantic scenes in stories are like this one.

Author's Response: They are, aren't they? Yay for sexual/romantic tension!

CareCrystal 2008.12.09 - 07:47PM 10: The Most Important Meal of the Day Signed
Reviewer: Rose of the West Signed [Report This] Date: 18/11/08 - 02:51 pm Title: Chapter 10:The Most Important Meal of the Day So now Snape is taking some of his own potion! It's clear that he will suffer as much as he's made Sasha suffer.

Author's Response: Yup! Turnabout is fair play!

Reviewer: morgaine_dulac Signed [Report This] Date: 18/11/08 - 02:03 pm Title: Chapter 10:The Most Important Meal of the Day Extremely attractive fruit eating? Haha!!

I love your little story. And this chapter was certainly worth the wait. Cheers. /M

Author's Response: Thanks! I swear there will be much more frequent updates. I mean, it's not like I have the excuse of having to write each chapter...

makaem 2008.10.23 - 12:12PM 9: Blind as a Bat Signed
This is such a good story. I'm a little surprised that Snape didn't know she was muggleborn. I always visualized him as one of those teachers who reviewed class files before the term started. Of course, now that he is no longer a spy he doesn't need to know everything. Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not sure how teachers or other students find out about bloodlines, but I assume it's not recorded or easily found. Or he just doesn't really care.

morgaine_dulac 2008.10.23 - 11:53AM 9: Blind as a Bat Signed
“Surreal as it may seem, I do have the capacity for humor,” Best line I've read all day!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love writing and reading one-liners, and with Snape, there's so much opportunity for them.

Rose of the West 2008.10.22 - 05:07PM 9: Blind as a Bat Signed
That was a close call. It might have been much worse. He only spent an hour trying to identify that scent, though? How much of the school year is left?

Author's Response: This bit takes place around the middle of November. And he hasn't succeeded in identifying the scent yet.

d_monica 2008.10.09 - 12:20PM 8: On the Chopping Block Signed
i find myself drawn to the conniving and sort of waggish nature of the story. Our misanthropic hero's manner is almost gleeful, it's really charming; but i want to either see him twist the knife or draw out the dalliance. The possibility of him crossing the line doesn't really seem plausible at this point, so i'll be interested to see how it plays out. well-written i think, i'm enjoying the rather rakish humor and the potential for a bit of complexity.

Author's Response: Thank you. It is a very slow-building romance, and it won't be one of those "Wow, I love you" one morning sort of things.

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