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Reviews for Teaching

Potioncat 2005.12.30 - 11:18AM 1: Teaching Signed
This was a really nice look into Snape's head, and I think a very realistic one. I particularly liked this line and Snape's following thoughts: But he hasn't seen James in the boy since Potter's second year, when he opened that impudent mouth and Parseltongue came out.

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of your review! ^_^

verylisa 2005.01.31 - 11:11PM 1: Teaching Signed
I'm not sure why this is in the slash category ... unless there's more planned in a slashier vein? Anyway, nice character sketch of Snape and how he views his students. I especially like his opinion on Hermione.

Author's Response: It's pre-slash, Snarry. And thank you! It was difficult to make him IC

K~Marie 2004.12.02 - 08:51PM 1: Teaching Anonymous
this is really how i think snape to be! great sum up of snape's mind. i dont' like the fanfics that make snape hate harry's guts, cause i don't think he does. you portrayed their 'relationship' nicely. that he doesn't want him to die. and i think thats how sev thinks :) nice job! wow, that review didn't really make sense...oh well.

Author's Response: It's a lovely review! Thank you so much! I tried very hard to keep them in character ^_^

LariLee 2004.12.02 - 05:36PM 1: Teaching Signed
I rather like the ending the best. ;-D Nice, IC look at Severus' mind. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

June 2004.12.02 - 02:49PM 1: Teaching Anonymous
?? The story summary says this is completed - is it?

Author's Response: It is completed, yes. :)

Author's Response: This is the author again - there may be a continuation, but I am not making promises. :) Isidore

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