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Reviews for War

Katie 2006.03.11 - 07:18PM 1: Prologue- The Beginning of The End Anonymous
I thought your story was really great, I always love stories that involve snape in the way you used him. he was still that cold exterior, but yet was still capable of loving and being loved. so anyway, great job!

Thoughts 2004.11.29 - 06:23PM 1: Prologue- The Beginning of The End Anonymous
Is this one supposed to be in the same 'universe' as the other? Is this Grae the exact same identical Grae as the other story? I highly recommend against composing two different fics simultaneously that feature the same characters. I suggest instead that you complete one fic, tell us who your characters are, endear them to us, and then attempt another.

Author's Response: I suppose it is in the same universe in a way..Although War is a different take on how their lives could've been...and it really got started when I was working on a project for an English class.

EllieK 2004.11.27 - 10:54PM 1: Prologue- The Beginning of The End Anonymous
I have tons of questions. I will wait for answers.

Author's Response: I hope that I will be able to answer your questions with the next two chapters, but if not, please feel free to ask.

LariLee 2004.11.27 - 10:46PM 1: Prologue- The Beginning of The End Signed
I have some questions that are hardly fair to ask in a prologue... like why do they suspect another Dark Lord is rising? Why are they outcasts between two groups if Voldy is gone? I suppose I'll have to see where this is headed. ~Lisa

Author's Response: Yes, working on the first chapter which will not answer to many questions quickly..but the second chapter should..and hopefully I'll have it finished soon.

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