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Penname:LariLee [Contact]
Member Since:2004.07.29
Real name:Lisa
Stories Posted:7
Reviews Posted:564
A Favorite Author of:83 members
Favorite Stories:18
Favorite Authors:8

Avid reader/sometimes writer who thinks Severus Snape would be a lot less snarky if he just got laid more often. But then, so would I.

Contrary to Popular Myth and Rumor, I am not:

1). Dead

2). In Prison

3). On a drunken, Snape-pinching rampage in New Orleans (I came home).

4). Abandoning any stories.

Yes, I do realize it's been a while since I've updated; however, Real Life has bit me and my family rather hard. A complete chronicle is often found on my LJ (I'm LariLee there). So there is no need to:

1). Threaten either me personally, my muse impersonally, or my plot bunnies. By the way, plot bunnies make poor eating for those who suggested cooking them.

2). Start rumors that I'm dead, in prison or 'got religion bad'.

3). Leave snippy reviews and/or e-mails taking me to task for not updating as often as you think I should. Unless you offer to come to my house and become my personal house-elf, thusly freeing up my time to write.

4). Call my drug- and alcohol-abusing whore of a muse names. I do that often enough.

Nice reviews, sweet cajoling, bribery and general head-patting, of course, still work quite well.

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It was found at: http://purple.mytica.net/snape/index.php?codes

A Right Bastard is a runner up in the Multifaceted Awards in the Identity categories. Thank you!

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The Day Emmeline Vance Died is a joint winner in Round Four of the Multifaceted Awards in the Intelligence category. Thank you!

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