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Penname:morgaine_dulac [Contact]
Member Since:2008.01.13
Stories Posted:25
Reviews Posted:540
A Favorite Author of:41 members
Favorite Stories:100
Favorite Authors:11
Born: in the glorious year of 1979, when Dio joined Black Sabbath and Peter Pettigrew started passing on information to the Dark Lord

Country: Sweden, but born in Switzerland

Occupation: teaching dunderheads (teenagers that is). I'm convinced that Snape's bitterness has nothing to do with his past. Teaching teenager does that to a human being. Haha, just kidding, or am I?

Colours: black, green, silver

Passions: writing, witchcraft, cooking

Obsessions: quite a few, chocolate for one (hi Lupin!), but mainly a certain Potions master

Co-writing with star_girl under the pen name sevs_starsisters.

UPDATE May 2011: Taking a somewhat involuntary break from fan fic at the moment. I'm still writing, but not fast enough to actually be posting anything. And do forgive me if I am not reading your work at the moment. There is just no time :-(

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