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Revelations by SomethingClever1 [Reviews - 2]

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The Harry Potter novels are not my original work and I do not own any of the characters, places, or ideas original to that series. This story is my original work and any characters, places, or ideas original to this story are my creation (unless otherwise stated) and should not be used without my permission. (If you ask, however, I will likely be glad to give permission.) I am making no money from this story. It is written entirely for my own amusement, and that of others.

His mother had loved Severus Snape.

Weird enough that Snape had loved his mother. But, that, at least, was understandable.

Lily Evans had been beautiful and intelligent and popular. She'd been perfect. It was easy to see how anyone would love her. Strange to think of Snape feeling anything but hatred and disdain, but still understandable.

But, his mother loving Snape?

That was unthinkable.

It was true though. He'd seen the evidence.

And his father had known. Severus Snape had been in love with Lily Evans and had thrown it all away to serve an insane megalomaniac. He had sacrificed love for ambition and hatred. James Potter had stepped in and comforted poor broken-hearted Lily. Lily had eventually learned to love James, and they'd lived their short lives in wedded bliss.

But that hadn't been the truth either.

Snape, as an intelligent Slytherin, had been recruited for Voldemort. With no alternative available, Snape had joined, seemingly wholeheartedly. He had worked hard to gain sufficient standing that he would be able to save Lily should Voldemort win.

At the same time, knowing that Dumbledore cared nothing for him or his life, Snape had offered his services as a spy. Snape had given everything to the effort to rid the world of Voldemort. He had done everything he knew to protect his beloved Lily, knowing that his efforts would likely destroy her love for him. He had given up his chance at happiness with her so that she could have the chance to be happy and safe.

And James Potter had taken advantage of it. Potter had been in the room when Snape joined the Order. He knew the situation Snape had been forced into. Potter had known exactly how to orchestrate scenarios in which Snape would be compelled to be cruel to Lily. Snape had been forced to hurt the woman he loved and watch the light of love in her eyes die, and Potter had relished every moment of it. Potter had taken pains to make himself a hero, rescuing Lily from the cruel, villainous Snape.

And Lily had believed it all. She had given up her love for Snape and married James Potter. Then she had died saving the life of Potter's son.

Harry shook his head slowly. His world would never be the same. His father was a lying bastard. His mother was a tragic victim. Severus Snape was a hero.

Well, he'd already known the last one.

His mother had loved Severus Snape.

It didn't seem so weird now.

Revelations by SomethingClever1 [Reviews - 2]

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