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Quantum Mechanics by Rose of the West [Reviews - 2]

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Disclaimer: The characters here and the world they inhabit are the creation and property of JK Rowling and her assigns.

Kreacher wouldn't tell Septima where anyone was, so she simply went to the study to wait for Severus. There was a window seat where she could wait for her husband. She shrank behind the drapes and watched stars over a formerly grand residential street.

“Septima?” a voice quietly echoed into the room. She stirred, half asleep and tried to get out of the window, but she couldn't find the edge of the drapes.

“Is she in there, Moony?”

“I don't see her, Padfoot.”

“It's probably just as well. I'd just try to chat her up. She's quite shag-able.” Septima went still. It made her feel attractive and naughty at the same time.

“So you keep saying.”

“Ha, Moony, you could have a witch of your own if you only said the word. I will observe she's a very attractive one, even if I'm her relative.”

“We'll have to find someone for you, Sirius.”

“And in the meanwhile, I'll picture what Septima would be like, sighing under my hands and lips.”

“Better not let Snape catch you doing that, he'll hex your family jewels away.”

“For all they're worth at this point.”

Septima pondered making herself known. She wasn't sure how. It was just like defense; she never knew which tack to take. Should she cough, clear her throat, or find the edge of the curtains and simply slip out?

“What's she like? I've tried to get a quick grope now and then, but she's very skittish.”

“She's extremely loyal to Severus.”

“From what I can tell, she has great hips. Tell me, Moony, what is she like in bed? I bet those hips don't quit.”

“We never quite got that far. There was one night that she lay in my arms, naked and pliant, but then she said Snape's name, and I couldn't.”

“She compared you to Snape?”

“It took a lot to get her to that point. She's really completely gone over him, and very skittish around anyone else. I never quite figured out how I managed to get that far with her.”

There was silence for a minute, and then, “So you've seen her naked. What's she like?”

There was a sigh and then, “Just what a man is looking for.”

“You're not telling me anything. How does she compare to Lily?

“Oh, you know; no one is Lily. I don't think Septima is as pretty, but she's got something else.”

“Come on, Moony.”

There was another sigh. “Well, for example, Septima's breasts are smaller, but when I touched them, she actually responded. When I kissed her, she kissed back. Then, when I ran my hand between her legs, sliding them apart, she arched up at me. Then she whispered his name, and I had to stop.”

“I would have shagged her, anyway.”

“Not if you really understood how it is between them. Not if the Dementors left you any sort of heart. I couldn't do it. Not to her.”

“We all had Lily.”

“That was her choice. It wouldn't have been that way with Septima.”

“Maybe Lily wasn't really there, either.”


“You remember. You agreed that all she did was lie there. She's the only witch I fully remember shagging, because it was completely devoid of anything resembling sex. The Dementors didn't want that memory.” Sirius let out a deep sigh, and there was a sound of someone shifting his seat on the leather.

Remus chuckled. “She came back and announced that Severus Snape had shown her how it was done. Then she pulled James into the bedroom and they stayed there for a week.”

“When was that, again?”

“After Valentines... it was Valentines when she and James had that disastrous first try, and she came to me a few days later. It must have been late February, early March of that year. 1979?”

Septima gasped. She didn't think she could breathe. All of a sudden, everything made sense. Sudden dizziness made her lean back against the cool window.

“Severus must be pretty good at what he does, and for him to stay with Septima, she must be amazing.”

“I suppose. Of course, Septima is actually a woman. Lily was still really a girl back then.”

“Septima? Are you here?” It was a third voice, a voice that made her heart beat faster. Only tonight she wasn't feeling any sort of anticipation, just dread. She worked her way out of the drapes and stared at the floor the whole time she walked to her husband's side.

A/N: Thank you all for your support!

Quantum Mechanics by Rose of the West [Reviews - 2]

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