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Quantum Mechanics by Rose of the West [Reviews - 3]

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Disclaimer: The characters here and the world they inhabit are the creation and property of JK Rowling and her assigns.

The addition of a baby made Severus's plans a bit more complicated, but it might have been just as well. The most difficult consideration was finding a place for the baby to sleep. Septima had a large, empty dresser drawer that was suitable for a baby of Nicky's age. It wouldn't be a long term solution; by the time the school term ended, they would need something else. However, having the baby served a purpose. They learned to work around the baby's schedule and to consider each other's needs and abilities.

For Severus, the crowning achievement of the weekend was after breakfast on Sunday. They had finished clearing up and the baby was asleep when Septima started plucking at her husband's shirt, pulling him toward the table. “I can't wait even to get to the bedroom,” she whispered. He was only too happy to comply with her wishes.

Nothing is ever as easy as that, and although the Snape-Vector family returned to Hogwarts without fanfare Sunday night, they did not go on with life as they wished to live it. Severus left his wife and son in her apartment and made a theatrical production out of kissing her goodnight.

“I don't think I can stand to be away from you,” he whispered.

“You'll just be downstairs, and we don't want to unnecessarily anger Dumbledore. You're the one who said that the less we have him poking into our affairs, the better.”

He sighed and pulled her closer. “Yes, but I don't know how I'll manage without ready access to you in bed.”

She laughed. “After this weekend? You should be sore. I certainly am.”

“Hm... I have a potion for that, and it's been so long, love .”

They found a moment later in the week to be together. The baby went to sleep early and they both finished their grading for the night early as well. Severus gave his wife a look, and Septima was only too eager to follow him to the bedroom.

They had learned to undress quickly but then slowly caress and touch each other. They didn't want to go too quickly, and they wanted to enjoy the whole experience as much as possible. Severus was gently moving Septima's knee around his hip when a voice called from the lounge.

“Professor Vector!”

It was Dumbledore's voice. They both froze. Then Septima sighed and slid out from under Severus. She silently Summoned her robe and pulled it around herself, vowing in her mind to contact the Ministry for this unwarranted intrusion into her space. She went into the lounge and found not the whole Dumbledore, but his head in the fireplace.

“May I help you, Headmaster?”

“I believe you're—ah—entertaining our Potions master? Would you mind sending him up to my quarters?”

Severus, who hadn't bothered to get his robe, stood behind her with his arms folded. “I'm busy, Headmaster. I'll make it up there within an hour or so.”

“No, that won't do at all. This is quite urgent. Can't you come straight through, now? I'll wait.”

Severus looked at Septima and sighed. He went back into the bedroom, pulled on his clothes, and left. Septima sat on her couch and stared at the fire.

By the time Severus came back, mumbling that it was just to go over—yet again—certain safety precautions for the third task, Nicolas had waked up for a nighttime feeding. “So it's all off for tonight?” Severus grumbled, although his hand caressed the back of his son's head.

“I suppose so,” answered Septima. “Score to Albus Interruptus.

A day or two later, she was counting essays after her last class when she heard her door shut and the lock click in the way only Severus did it.

She looked up to see not just her husband but also their daughter. “Have you seen the Skeeter witch's latest?” he demanded. She shook her head and he held up a copy of Witch Weekly he'd just confiscated. He cleared his throat and started to read aloud. “Krum, who is openly smitten with the devious Miss Granger, has already invited her to visit him in Blugaria over the summer holidays, and insists that he has,” here Severus's voice switched to a falsetto, “'never felt this way about any other girl.'”

“It sounds stupid when you read it like that,” said Hermione in frustration. She turned to Septima. “It wasn't really like that at all.” Her face had a pleading look. “Victor had just rescued me, and he was sweet. I think he really likes me.”

“You're not going,” said Severus definitively. “If you go as Hermione Granger, who's the daughter of Muggles, your life will be in danger.”

“Viktor says they're not all like Headmaster Karkaroff.”

“It's not to be considered.”

“I haven't decided yet.”

You haven't decided? Without even asking your parents for leave?”

Hermione stiffened her back. “I've written to my parents. They trust me to make a good decision.”

Septima leaned forward at the feeling it gave her stomach to hear that. Looking at Severus, she saw that he felt something similar. It appeared that the conversation was at an end for now. “All right, Hermione, go ahead to dinner. We'll talk later.” Septima couldn't summon the will to look at her.

When they were alone, Severus walked around her desk and put his hand on her shoulder. “Can you believe it?”

Septima shrugged. “What part of it?” She stood, and then carefully stayed out of Severus's grasp. “That she doesn't think of us as her parents? Yes, it hurts, but we've only had our true relationship known for a few weeks. That a boy who likes her has invited her to meet his parents? Yes, it's the proper thing to do. That he's never felt that way about other girls?”

Now she looked directly into his face, placing her trembling hand along side it. “Yes, I can all too easily believe that. After all, you make it clear, whenever it comes up, that there's a witch who owns your heart. I know all too well that you'll never feel for me what you feel for her.” She stood on tiptoe to kiss his other cheek. There, she'd done it without bursting into tears or otherwise falling to pieces. Then she left her office and went toward her lounge. She knew there was one small person who depended upon her alone, waiting under the watchful gaze of a House-elf.

A/N: Thank you to Kyria of Delphi and Owlbait for their advice and help!

Quantum Mechanics by Rose of the West [Reviews - 3]

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