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The End of the Affair. by Rose of the West [Reviews - 4]

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She awoke to see him packing a bag. Shirts, trousers and robes all swished across the room as he Summoned them from the closet. She looked toward the dresser to see that the drawers were open and empty of the socks and shorts he kept there.

She sat up. “You're leaving?”

“You knew it was temporary.”

“But I hoped—”

“For a pure-blood, you're pretty stupid.”

She reeled as if slapped. “I guess I am,” she answered softly.

“Did you honestly expect that I would want to stay?”

“Not really. I knew better. I should never have... I should have listened to my better instincts.”

“It's been fun, hasn't it?”

“It's been more than just fun for me. I've fallen in love with you, Severus.”

His laugh chilled her to the bone. It was sardonic and cruel, and he not only knew it, he delighted in the way it hurt her. “So you hoped I would fall in love with you, too. You're too old, you know.”

“You didn't mind it when you seduced me.”

“I had an itch, and you scratched it for me. Let's leave it at that.”

She watched him fold the last robe and zip up his bag. “I have a heart, and you've broken it for me. Maybe you can leave it at that, but I can't.”

He laughed again, and his fingertip came to trace the tear that was sliding down her cheek. “I do believe you really feel something for me.”

She turned away and pulled the sheet up over her bosom. “Now you're mocking me. Go... Leave me alone. I'll learn to deal with it.”

He kissed her forehead as though she were a child... or a grandmother, she thought morosely. “You won't be alone. You have your grandson, after all.”

That hurt most of all.


She pulled back, reluctant to acknowledge anyone's existence in her pain.

“Andromeda, wake up.” She stirred and realized someone was standing in front of her. The person knelt down and touched her cheek. She looked up and saw Severus. Then she realized Teddy was squirming from her holding him a little too tightly. She had fallen asleep in the sitting room while the baby was napping.

“You didn't leave.”

“Why would I leave?”

She shook the dream off. “Never mind.” She looked up at him and blushed. “It was nothing.”

“All right.” He stepped back and looked kindly at her, although his own mind was racing. He had distinctly heard her say, “I've fallen in love with you.”

A/N: Based on the Saturday Night Drabble Prompt from Amita: The End of the Affair. Thanks to WriterMerrin for beta reading!

The End of the Affair. by Rose of the West [Reviews - 4]

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